Friday, June 14, 2013

On The Road Again - Literally and Figuratively

So we are 120 days out from the Start of the Chicago Marathon – Take 3

It’s been difficult ramping up again, I haven’t ran this much in quite some time. And let’s face it, I half-assed both half marathon trainings that I've done this Spring.

Just do enough to feel comfortable with the distance. In my defense I never half-assed the Saturday training runs, but the ones during the week? Totally half-assed.

The past 2 weeks though I have been making certain to get the miles and the workouts in. I haven’t started any sort of speed or hill workouts during the week yet, but in a couple of weeks I will.

Right now I am still trying to acclimate to the running longer more regularly with the 2 gym days in there as well.

Turning 50 is hard y'all!!  :O)

I seem to be NOT recovering as quickly as I once did; I am sore most mornings to different levels of severity, but ibuprofen seems to help although I try to NOT take anything unless its absolutely necessary.  Or MAYBE its because I just don't remember what marathon training felt like because I was ALWAYS marathon training!  LOL

Another thing I am having to deal with is the insatiable hunger! I had gotten so use to it way back when I was running all the time like a maniac but the increase in both endurance and strength training is making me cuckoo hungry 24/7.

It’s like when I am not eating, I am thinking about eating! Since I would like to NOT be a statistic i.e. gaining weight during marathon training, actually drop about 6 or 7 lbs, I have had to start the old mantra of: Embrace Your Hunger

In other words (or rather pictures) NOT THIS:

But this instead:

Fridays I give myself sorta-kinda a pass on how much I eat because well tomorrow is long run day, but if I am going to eat off-plan its before dinner time.  Then all bets are off.  I have to eat what I know works for me come mornin-time and I don't want to wait around for my GI tract to do its job.

Each week I am getting better and better at least when I feel like I HAVE to eat or else I shall die ;o) at having the food on hand for fuel and not a craving or just to satisfy me in that moment.

Most times though it doesn't even satisfy me.

I just want more...

Totes agree.

It's not complicated.

Here's to what will hopefully be a successful weekend of running AND eating!

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