Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 7


Up at 4:45am and out the door by 5:20am.  Felt good but man the weather was awful.  It had rained overnight (yay!) but it was HUUUUUUUUUUMID (boooo!).  I had only 4 miles to do and because it was so humid, I am so glad I took my small handheld with me.  When its cooler and not humid, I don't bring anything, heck on 5-6 milers in cooler and not humid I don't take water.

But harder times calls for methods to keep me hydrated.  I was a sweaty sweaty mess by the end, and even though I was a slug yesterday, 3 miles in and my legs felt like dead weight.

Also, thanks to peri or full on menopause (not really sure where I'm at right now; probably full on), I had some heat issues last night and today I had a high HR all day.  Both are related to peri and menopause.  I didn't really know too much about the HR thing but after research I found out yep, it goes hand in hand with the heat flashes.  I'm lucky that I haven't had much in that area; just every once in a while and nothing like what you hear about from others.  I don't break out in a sweat or anything like that, I just get extremely warm and uncomfortable.

Since the HR thing lasted all day I decided against my gym/weight workout this evening, opting instead to relax at home, eat a big ass salad and hope for a better day tomorrow!  If I feel better tomorrow, I'll go to the gym after work tomorrow.


This morning's run was MUUUUCH better!  First off it was a lovely 55deg; back to normal!  It was still humid, not as much which was great also.  I know we need rain but dang was I glad it didn't rain last night!  I was still very sweaty, but again, 55 and a bit humid is WAY better than 70 and VERY humid any day of the week!  Its going to warm back up (lows in the low 60's), but as long as the humidity stays away, I'm OK with it.

I ran out on Deadwood to the end by the fairgrounds, then came back up by the high school and then back home.

I did 5:30/1's and just ran about 45sec slower than I normally do and that seemed to help.  Also when I got home instead of drinking my regular coffee, I opted for decaf.  See if that helps my HR today.

I've also decided to not do any weights this week except for possibly tomorrow.  I'm planning on running my 6 miles on the treadmill since I can't run tomorrow morning before work.  So maybe after that, I will do some weights work. 

We'll see.


Mowed late Tuesday night, so this morning I stayed in bed.
Ran 6 miles on the treadmill after work.  No BFD.


Was just exhausted today.  Took an unscheduled rest day.


Scheduled rest day


Up and out the door by 5:30.  It was a pleasant 58 degrees but high humidity.  Blech.  Parked at the park and took off for 3 of my normal flat loops which from the park are 2.25 miles each.  Then after the 3rd loop I decided to head out on Deadwood to finish up.  The sun was high and hot, but I just keep on truckin'.  Did 5/1's easy peasy, averaging 11:20-11:30 per mile so it was perfect.  Stuck with my water and 2 PB Gu's and all was right with the world yet again.  BTW I threw the Frog Fuel packets I still had, into the trash.  Sorry Frog Fuel.  :(

Oh it was 10 miles today thanks to a cut back week!

I do have a new product sampling on the way to me, so I will be trying that and reviewing it on the blog soon.  EnergyBits contacted me via Twitter and after a lot of research, this might end up being something great.  We'll have to see!


Woke up to very windy, overcast and cool temps.  I had my coffee and some breakfast and around 7:30 I looked at my weather app and it said (feels like) of 52deg!  Yes the winds were brisk at 25mph steady but they were coming from the East and I knew I had to go out and run!  I had planned on an easy 3 today, but if it didn't happen I was going to be OK with that.  Well with temps feeling like that there was no way I was going to pass it up.  So I laced up and headed out.  3.5 miles in 33:22 and I was happy.  It was a bit humid (darn monsoon season), but I still felt great.  So we close out week 7 and on to another high mileage week is on the horizon.

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