Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 6

Monday:  Woke up at my usual time:  4:45am.  Was a bit tired from the long weekend so it was actually 5 before I rolled out from under the covers, but I managed to get out of bed, dressed, 1 cup of coffee and the bathroom business and STILL was out the door by 5:30.
It was a cool 59deg, but the humidity was high, high, high for Nebraska.  A very humid 90%.
Here is a photo post run!
Haven't seen that much sweat in some time!   Living in Nebraska has its advantages i.e.  NO HUMIDITY!
 Gym (pm):  20 min elliptical, 10 min row
followed by 40 min of weights, abs, and planks 

 5 miles
Nothing special other than my legs hurt :)  

Just over 4 miles.  I didn't get out of bed to run this morning and it bit me in the ass.  Not only was it hot AND humid (unusual for NE), it was windy as hell (very normal for NE).  It was a struggle because no matter which direction I went it felt like I was running straight into the 20mph winds (gusting to 30).  I could have ran on the TM, but couldnt bear the thought of it, so I just did a few random loops to bring me by the house ever so often to get a drink of water.

While it wasn't the prescribed 5 miles, it was close enough given that I ALMOST just bagged running for the day.

Another morning...stayed in bed!  Ugh.  And when I got off work it was HOT!  And high winds (30mph) so around 6pm I headed to the gym and did 45min run on the treadmill.  I was feeling VERY tired, so about 20 min before I left I took one of the Frog Fuel's.  Not sure if I just felt better once I got there or if it was the Frog Fuel but it was a good run!  We'll know more after my long run on Saturday when I use up the rest of them during that!
Today was supposed to be a run in the morning and weights after work but once I was done with the run on the TM, I didn't feel like hanging around for weights.  Womp womp.  

Friday:  REST!!!


This was a bad run.  The first 9-10 miles were OK but then the wheels just fell off.  In mile 14 I was reduced to running a min, walk a min just to get back to the car.  Funny thing is when I set out for the last route, I felt OK, but shortly in I knew it was going to be bad.  When I got back to the car, I felt nauseous and then like I was going to throw up.  Then I did.

I do not know if it was the high humidity and warm temps (we had rain the night before which I was thankful for, but it made for a very warm muggy morning; even at 5:20 which is when I started).  Yes I have lost my Texas heat/humidity edge.  :)

I also changed up my routes for long runs as I just didn't feel like doing loopy dee loops over and over again where the whole town sees you and probably thinks you have lost your mind.  Only 2 miles of this run were done on that loop, the rest were done on variations of Deadwood Trail which means a LOT of hills.

I also tried 2 different new things and think that had a LOT to do with it:  the FrogFuel and too sugary of the Gatorade PreFuel.  Both of those things will not be in my bag from now on.  Back to water and Peanut Butter Gu ONLY.

I will still do a review of the product overall (FrogFuel) and host the giveaway, because not everyone has the same body and innards :) , and we all know what doesn't work for one person, MAY in fact work for another person.

After getting sick and my stomach settling a bit, I just grabbed a bottle of water and started walking.  I wanted to get in every step of the 15 miles I could.  

One of the great things is that I've made it to cut back week.  Additionally from here on out its a long run, then a cut back (Saturdays).  I always loved when this occurs because on the really long runs, you always can, in your mind, know that just make it through this, and the next Saturday you get a break!

Oh and one other thing I did (that was awesome) was that I put 2 wet cloths in the ice chest to use after each of my distance intervals.  THAT was awesome and really helped to cool me down.  Definitely will do that AGAIN!

This coming Saturday is a short 10 miles and I plan to make it flat, flat, flat, flat.  I will hopefully feel strong enough to push the pace again which should help my confidence.

I was pretty beat down all day yesterday, both mentally and physically.  It wasnt until early evening before I started feeling OK again and was able to eat substantial food.
Definitely taking a rest day.  Thought I might do 3 miles to offset yesterdays horribleness, but nope.  Gonna take the day off.  Maybe I will walk later.  But if I don't it's OK!


monicac2 said...

You look so young!!

Junie B said...

THANK YOU! Good genes maybe? Not really though. I credit the last 11 years of good living, good eatin' and good exercise!