Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 8


5 mile run on the treadmill
8 min abs and planks
5 rounds of:
100m run
5 air squats
5 burpees
5 pushups

The WOD was for 10 rounds and I will do that full WOD at some point, but not today.  Was tired and wanted the HIIT.  But I like these types of WOD's because they don't have a lot of rep's per movement but it's extreeeeemely effective!


Scheduled rest day (ran Sunday)


6 miles easy

Gym day
30 min run on the treadmill
20 min on the elliptical
30 min weights


Rest for my 16 miler tomorrow!

16 miles 
BEST darn long run I have had in a long time!  Obviously this is a new PDR in the whole starting over process, but 2 weeks ago, the 15 was a disaster.  Last week the 10 was OK but I was out for the count the rest of the day...

I have to give some credit to the weather because it was beyond awesome.  51deg, a bit windy towards the end, and majorly overcast which made for humidity but I didn't feel any effects from it this time.  AND when I was done, I came home, mowed the lawn, did laundry and yes eventually took a nap, but then was ready to go out to dinner.  WAY different than previous weeks thats for sure.

When I finished 3+ hours later, it was still only 56deg!  As I mentioned it got windier but even when I was having to run into a headwind, I was holding my own!  Awesome!

I kept the route to just loops, nice and flat and stayed off of Deadwood Trail; plus with the wind, Deadwood Trail is HARD to run on as its just open amongst the bluffs and the wind is even worse!

So...back to how I was feeling the rest of the day...

Even at dinner I was thinking, well normally I don't run on Sunday after a higher mileage Saturday, but I was anticipating a short recovery run on Sunday (see below).  That's how great I felt the whole day.

I also have to give credit to a couple of new products I tried.


I will have product reviews on both coming up soon!  I want to finish out the EnergyBits sample I received from the company before I write it up. 

The Nuun is awesome as well and I've been drinking it all week, and definitely hydrated with it heavily on Friday day and night.

So next Saturday, a short 11 miler!!!

As I mentioned above, I thought I was going to do a short recovery run (3-4 miles) this morning, but when I got up  not only were my legs just a bit sore in the quads, my right heel was ouchy and I decided to take the rest day that was on my schedule after all.  Too bad because yet again it was cool (cold by Texas standards!), in the low 50's, windy and overcast.  Even as I am typing this I am sitting in sweats, a long sleeve hoodie, and poofy warm knee socks!  Crazy weather for July!!!

So I'm being lazy, watching some TV, and food prepping for the week!

Remember Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!!!
No excuses people!!

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