Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot as Hell

Or what I think Hell feels like.
This morning it was 80+ with 90+% humidity when Kenyan Way met.

Its nothing new obviously around here at this time of year, but you just never f**king get used to it.  At least I don't.

I ran a mile before meeting MD and we set off maybe 10 min ahead of the group.

We both had places to be fairly early and wanted to get the miles out of the way.

The route was 8 miles and we decided we would see what we felt like at 3 for a turnaround to = 6.  

It was indeed so miserable, beyond miserable that we turned back at 3 miles, and I ended up doing another .75 or so afterwards so we'll just call it an even 8.  I really should have remembered to take my SCaps, but I didn't.  Another bad.

With everything going on with the out of town trip, then the beginning of preparation for the initial move to Nebraska, the stars were just not aligned properly to meet my goal of being back to 10 miles by July 1.

Eh, I'm not torn up about it at all.  I figured given good weather, I could easily do 10.  :)

So the new goal is to be back to 10 miles by the time I leave mid-July.

Should be doable.

Talked to Coach this morning about any advice he could give me to help with acclimation to the higher elevation.  He figures getting acclimated to the hills will prove to be more of a hindrance than the elevation.  He said within a couple of weeks, I shouldn't notice any more effects from the change in elevation.

We are also setting up online training for me so that I have my training even though I cannot run with KW other than when I come back for weekends, which will be in August, November and December.  Christmas always is the weekend for the last long run before Houston, so that works out perfectly.

It will be the dead of winter by that time up in Nebraska so running here at almost sea level, warmer temps AND having fluid support for 20-22 miles will be welcomed!

He thinks me training up there for Houston Marathon will be a definite advantage with the advantages of hill training and the elevation.  Certainly not running in elevation like Mammoth Lakes but for someone like me, its probably going to feel like it.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

This post is about LIVING life, rather than simply EXISTING. Life is meant to be lived and should be marked by certain milestones that remind us why we wake up each morning and go to bed each night.

And since about 2001 I haven't been living my life in the true sense of the word.  My life just was never the same after John and I split.  There have been times of semi-happiness, but nothing that truly made me 100% happy.

In 1994 I moved back to Texas for two reasons, one being that my Daddy was diagnosed with cancer and there was nothing the doctors could do about it.

Then I stayed in Texas after his death because of my Mom.  I knew for a long time that once Mom passed, I would seek opportunities to leave again...

Honestly I hate Texas and I hate Houston.  I hate the weather no matter what part of the State because we have no seasons.  There isn't anything here other than my family and a few close friends that I will miss at all.  The 7 years I spent out of Texas were some of my happiest...

So I took it upon myself to start trying to find a way out.  Every so often I would scan the interwebz for opportunities in places like Chicago, Seattle..but nothing ever really came of that.

Then I was contacted by a former collegue from my early days and beyond at Stewart.  She wanted to assist in recruiting me for a growing IT department at one of the largest retailers here in the US and Canada.  

Who knew that a year working full time and then 2 years part time in retail would eventually be an asset to furthering my career in IT?  Certainly not me!

What she initially proposed sounded intriguing from the location to the company, the long term opportunities for growth and yes, to the compensation benefits of such an endeavor.

I decided to give it a shot.  I first approached my family with this so as not to surprise them should anything come of it and it needed to happen quickly.  They were thrilled at my opportunity and told me that home is where the heart is...and that we'd only be a 2-3 hour flight from each other.

Anyway to make a long story short, I went, I conquered and now I'm moving 1100 miles away from the State I've called home for the majority of my life.

I am beyond excited for the challenges and adventures that await me in my new life, in a new place and with new opportunities that seem to even now, be coming out of the woodwork.

For those of you who are my dear friends IRL, you have been following the journey on Facebook complete with details and photographs.  Here on the blog, I will keep it simple and generic simply because there are a few folks who read who are not my friends IRL, but mere past acquaintances, and well, for those reasons alone I don't really want more information public than needs to be.

I will obviously chronicle bits and pieces here, but again in a generic sort of way, but interesting nonetheless I hope!

So my sister who is going on the initial journey to my new home, and I will be leaving with the necessities mid-July, and then the full move will occur closer to the end of August when I fly down to meet the company's movers who will be transporting my belongings North.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Went for What I Wanted and GOT IT!!

I am out of here as of July 18th!  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Make Your Own Rules

This one minute Nike 'ad' is more badass than badass.

I mean, there is so much badassery in this 'ad' I can't even begin to tell you how much.

I am so glad I had the pleasure of meeting Joan Benoit Samuelson and hear her speak.  Plus she signed my marathon bib!!

At 55, still running 70mpw.

That'll be me.  

Well maybe not 70mpw, but definitely still running 30-40mpw  :O)

Monday, June 25, 2012


My ass will be running on the treadmill every day this week, except for Saturday's long run with Kenyan Way.

Just the way it is.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

An All Expense Trip To Nebraska and What I Learned While I Was There

  1. They have 2 Subways, 1 McDonalds, a Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut and an Arbys.  Dude's is the big time hot shot steak house in town.  Where everything is fried unless you order steak.  Don't order a hamburger.
  2. They do not have a Starbucks (thank goodness for my KCups!), but have a coffee place called The Book Corner (which is so awesome and cute!) and another one called the Black Mug.  The nearest Starbucks that I can tell is 100 miles away in Cheyenne, WY.  I've searched all zip codes in the 'bigger' towns around Sidney, and that is what I come up with.
  3. The nearest running store is also about 1.5 hours away.  In Ft. Collins. 
  4. They do not have a Target, but do have a WalMart. AND its a SuperCenter.
  5. Other than the Walmart, there is one grocery store:  Safeway.  No Whole Foods, Kroger or Central Market.  I foresee a lot of ordering online for certain staples that people must have and I'm betting they can't and won't find here.  Fort Collins which is not too far away has a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's.  Not too bad.  :O)  They do have a Farmers Market on Saturdays June-October (or as the guy told me: it gets too cold, whichever comes first)
  6. The nearest Walgreens is 36 miles away.  Sterling, Colorado
  7. They do have 2 RedBox kiosks.  One at McDonalds and one at WalMart.
  8. They do have a movie theater, and it has 2 screens and each movie is shown at 2 times and 2 times only:  7pm and 9pm (ish)
  9. Population is around 7,000 and predominantly Caucasian.
  10. Elevation is around 4,300ft (that might prove to be beneficial when its time to run a marathon at or around sea level).  I ran on Friday (3 miles) and Saturday (7 miles) and good Lord with the hills, the wind and the elevation, I was having a rough time!  Thankfully the wind was less on Saturday and I felt much better
  11. They have a full Community Center which apparently is awesome with a fully equipped gym.  For those days when a person can't exactly run in snow and ice!!!  There is even a 400m indoor track, full basketball court and a social room with pool tables, ping pong etc.
  12. There is an awesome biking, running trail, which is about 4 miles.  You do have to share the trail with horse riders, but the sign says for them to stay off the actual paved path :)
  13. The closest real live true CrossFit box is located in Cheyenne...sigh.  They do have a cert 2 CF trainers on staff at the CC in Sidney, and have classes (5) a week.  I saw the WOD's from the previous day on the board and it was familiar! 

  14. You have to register with some facility for in the event of a tornado outbreak and well...there are the sirens...May and June are the months most known for tornadoes, and NE on average, has about 41 a year.
  15. Summer months mean 60deg and below for at night and mornings, otherwise known as heaven on earth to me...There was a wicked storm that came through on Friday evening that had all the alerts going off.  We still went to happy hour :)  It was mid 50's while I was there in the mornings but with the heat wave recently it did get up to mid 90s the last day I was there.
  16. November to February seem to be the worst for it being cold, and by cold I mean about 15-20deg F, but apparently rare to go below 10deg F.
  17. Average yearly rainfall is around 19in with average yearly snow fall is 41inches.  Clearly more snow than rain. 
  18. Low.  Low.  Low.  Humidity.  otherwise known as heaven on earth to me...seriously it was awesome having 25% humidity to run in!
  19. Driving to Cheyenne WY, Scottsbluff, Ft. Collins or Denver CO (all within a couple hours drive) is normal fare on weekends for shopping excursions and weekend warrior types of things
  20. There are a lot of half marathons and marathons in and around Sidney, NE with its close proximity to WY, CO, KS and SD, a person has plenty of opportunities to 'race' if I am so inclined.  I have also found a couple of duathlons and triathlons as well.
  21. Elevation is around 4300ft and has its rolling hills to run up and down.  Tough stuff indeed; I felt every bit of it on my runs while I was there.  I figured my 7 miles on Saturday equated to 9 given the hills and the elevation :)
Running down into town was awesome.  Coming back up took me a while and I had to stop several times to catch my breath!  This hill just seems to go on and on forever.  And you think you top it at one point, but then nope...its just a mirage :)

From the highway

Monday, June 18, 2012

Saddle Sore


I had set my alarm so that we could ride out near the Monument, but when I woke up, I knew a 26mile bike ride was not going to happen.

My body was sore from the previous days running and CrossFit workouts, and as the day wore on, I became more and more sore.

Honestly it was from the CF more than anything as it was that soreness where when you just even barely touch the area, even your skin hurts.

I did make it into the pool for a bit and for the 1st time in a loooooooooong time was able to swim.  I knew up until yesterday not to even try, but it was ok.  Not great, but ok.  Had I not ran/CrossFit the day prior probably would have even been better.

I got in a few laps just to test my 'sea legs' again, and seeing how I am actually blogging, its safe to say I didn't forget how to swim and end up drowning myself.  :O)


This morning I woke up less sore, but still sore nonetheless.  I wanted to start back to CF regularly this week, and the WOD looked like a great one with minimal invasion to the lower back area (C&J's, KB swings, push ups), but I also want to run.  And I didn't want to do both.  Well, I did, but I knew better. 

So I chose the running over the CrossFit. 

I didn't feel like running outside today, so I just hit the gym for an hour on the treadmill.  Threw in a few lifts, some machines and hit the pull up contraption.  


Random factoid:  Its been 9 months since I've had any kind of sports drink whatsoever!  Water, water, baby.
I almost drank some on accident at Kenyan Way on Saturday, not paying attention to which cooler I was using!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back In The Saddle

The last time I ran with Kenyan Way was back in mid-April but this morning I returned to my happy place.

I went with just 8 miles and damn I had forgotten how hard it can be.  Yes I've run on my own up to that mileage recently but when you're alone you don't feel any pressure.  You can be a slacker if you want.  When you are out there with a bunch of others, you push yourself just a bit more.

Or maybe a lot more.

Anyway, I walked a few times, especially on any inclines because I could feel the pull in my piriformis and I have to be patient.

We'll go for 9 next week and hopefully will make my goal of being back to 10 miles by July 1.  I may be  in Nebraska next weekend, and if so, I'll do my long run up there.  The temps in the mornings are mid 50's to 60 deg so that would make me very happy!  The altitude is above 4000ft so not sure how that will affect me...


Then it was Reebok CrossFit time at Luke's Locker at 2pm.

It was inside in the empty space next to Lukes, but there was no AC so don't even think we caught a break.  It had just rained, and the sun was gonna peek out and that just made the inside feel like a steam room.

Good stuff.

Crappy cell phone picture.  More decent ones in another post.
It was a "Fight Gone Bad" style WOD, but instead of wall balls and rowing, we had pullups, burpees, air squats, box jumps and kettlebell swings, rest (each station for 1 minute before moving on to the next).  Additionally it was a shortened sequence, 3 rounds instead of 5.  Still just coming off my injury, 3 rounds was enough for this girl.  Especially after running this morning and only eating a teensy bit of food (my bad; just not hungry).  Until now of course.

Each session today was limited to 30 people and most of the ones in my group had done CF before; only a handful had not.  I was happy that I tried the pullups (with a band) because I haven't been able to do them as it irritated my back too much.  Today I was able to do them as long as I had my right leg in the band and not my left so that all the work was on my right side as I was kipping.

I did not count my reps for this WOD since it was shortened and I just wanted to focus on form and not reinjuring myself.

I will have a lot more photos later, but right now I need food.  :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You Never Know What You Have, Until It's Gone

These last 2 months have been painfully brutal.

While after training (for months, but what seemed like forever) and running Chicago, Dallas and Houston all within 99 days there was nothing more than just not training on my mind.

I said I wasn't going to train for another marathon for at least a year, if ever again.  Obviously I knew that last part wasn't going to last, but I truthfully thought my marathon days might be over and I would only do half marathons from here on out.  Half marathons are easy and require minimal training (unless you are trying to break some speed record), but most people can do one with no real commitment to the training.  

When I got my guaranteed entry into 2013 Houston, I still wasn't completely sure that I would even go through with the full, but drop to the half.  Let's face it that was back in May when I was in the most painful and horrible time of my injury.

Now I've been 'back' for 2 weeks, slowly building my mileage and endurance back up and for the first time in a long time I am excited again about training.  I had a goal of being back up to 10 mile long runs by July 1st and I am hopeful that that will indeed happen.

Since 2006 I have ALWAYS been training for some marathon, a couple of those years the entire year was spent training (2010 and 2011 for example).

I now even have future goals again, for 2013, whereas before I didn't even want to think about anything farther than a couple of months.

I have alluded to a possible life change (geographically) in a post or two, and while that is a very real possibility within the next couple of months, I know now, that no matter where I may lay my hat each night, I will always, always, always, at least for as long as my body will allow me, come home each January to run one of the greatest marathons I have ever had the privilege to be a part of...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CrossFit (Benchmark) WOD - Cindy

I didn't think I was going to actually make it to CrossFit since the storm was hitting right around the time for me to leave, but the storm passed through and I decided to go to the 7pm class.

Prior to CrossFit I got in a 40min run with no walking!  It felt terrific!  I also exchanged those God-awful shoes I had gotten on Saturday and wow! what a world of difference!!!  David is the best and I tried about 7 different brands/styles, narrowing it down as we went along until I ended up with the ones I felt the best in and the ones he said looked like I was running my best in.

20min AMRAP of:

5 (kipping) pullups (I still used rings so as not to re-aggravate my healed injury!)
10 pushups
15 air squats

OR if you had a weighted vest (20m/10w), then you did a 10min AMRAP and since I don't own a weight vest, I had 20min's of torture...there are only a couple of people that I know there that actually have spent the $ on a weighted vest.

I did not keep track of my rounds, as I was there to just get the workout in and not worry about exceeding any expectations; plus I knew I wouldn't (or rather shouldn't try) to beat my previous performance with the Cindy WOD.

Reebok CrossFit and Luke's Locker - Houston, Texas

I will be participating in a Reebok CrossFit event this coming weekend here in Houston.  I am extremely excited about it (but not about the 2pm 3-2-1-Go time! Its gonna be brutally hot!).  I have no clue as to the WOD, which makes it that much more exciting!

Reebok has really embraced the CrossFit community and culture, stamping their name all over it, and yes there are some CrossFit purists out there that don't love that idea, but they are doing great things for the sport.

Since I am just coming off of an injury, I know better than to overstep, so I will go at it with the knowledge of my body and my limitations and just enjoy the experience!

Additionally if there are folks in Texas reading this, and you have access to Luke's Locker, they are now carrying Reebok shoes and gear.  You should go check it out!

I hope to have some photos' and/or video to share next week!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things

Additionally what is not visible is the 8 mile run/walk I got in yesterday for my birthday...
And these...
 New trainers...Being put back into a neutral shoe...jury still out on these (Mizuno Wave Creations)
And of Lululemon Speed Shorts!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I really enjoyed not blogging while I was on vacay so much that I am finding it difficult to want to now.  Plus I'm busy at work, busy at home and just ... well ... busy...

But there is running and that makes ....

What doesn't make me happy is that apparently I have reached some sort of picture/image limit within blogger and so I am having to recycle some photos previously used until I can figure out how to delete some to free up space or pay the $2.50 a month for more room....

Anyone know how to delete pictures in the 'from this blog' section?  Where are all these pictures stored so I can get rid of some!?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CrossFit - Killing The Fat Man - Episode 10

Paleo - Sweet Potato Pancakes

This recipe is from Paleo Betty

I did not make the cinnamon apple topping but its super easy to do.  I have actually done something similar and used with tilipia.  The only reason I didn't was because I was making these to keep so that I had them to eat for meals for a couple of days.  (you just reheat in the microwave and you are good to go!)

 First start with sweet potato(s) microwaved (or in the oven, but the microwave is much faster obviously.

The only mistake I made I think is that I used 1.5 sweet potatoes and I should have only used one.  I had to add liquid to make it 'thinner'.  And if you have a large enough food processor, use it.  It will also make it more 'liquidy' and easier to pour.  Mine is smaller so unable to use it for this much product.  I might try my blender next time....

Other ingredients

LARGE baked sweet potato.  Scoop it all out and follow the recipe to pulse with the food processor

Wet ingredients with sweet potato

Now after adding the dry ingredients
This is where if you have the large enough food processor you don't have to muscle it and again, it just doesnt get liquidy enough, unless it was that extra 1/2 potato I used.  Next time I am using only one to see if it does make a difference.

Again since mine wouldn't 'pour' I had to scoop it into the skillet.  This was before I added liquid (water)
You watch these just like normal pancakes and wait for the bubbles around the rim of the pancake before flipping.  The first couple were a disaster, but still tasted yummy!  :)  Then once I got it to a bit more of what it should be like, it went much better.
Since I didn't make the topping, I use honey drizzled over with some nut butter, but if you aren't Paleo you could use regular syrup and I think some sprinkled powder sugar would be yummy on it too!!!

I'm certain the next time I make them, they will be much prettier :)

Enjoy!  I sure did!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

SOME of What I Did Over my Vacation

Friday, May 25:  5 mile walk 
Saturday, May 26:  5 mile run with MD!  Woo to the hoo hoo!  :)  (3/1)
Saturday, May 26:  1 hour weights (back, bi's and tri's) 
Sunday, May 27: 20 mile bike ride with NC
Monday, May 28: 3 mile run
Monday, May 28:  CrossFit (Memorial Day 'Murph', but I did only a 1/2 'Murph' and definitely had to do the rings for my pull ups instead of kipping due to not wanting to put any undue stress or movement on my back and piriformis.  Time: 27:17.  DEFINITELY not a PR, but I just focused on form and finishing) Additionally since the rest of the CrossFit bunch was doing a full Murph, I ran another 400m to bring in NS on her last mile to end the WOD.

Tuesday, May 29: Rest

Wednesday, May 30:  5 mile run (5/1)
Wednesday, May 30:  1.5 hours weights 

Thursday, May 31: 3 mile run
Thursday, May 31: CrossFit

Warm Up:
10 min Jump Rope  (was soooo excited to finally be able to use my new RXJumpRope that I purchased right when I got injured...its hot pink cable with purple handles obviously...  :)
Hero Week WOD:
5 Rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts (155/105#)
9 Hang Power Cleans 
6 Push Jerks 

I had to use piddly 35lb weight so my time was very good coming in at 10:10.  I hate having to do such light weight right now, but it is what it is.  I started to go to 45lbs but one of the coaches just shook his head at me.  :)

Patience.  Patience.  Patience.
I just have to remember the bigger picture and be patient..... 
Friday, June 1:  Rest
Saturday, June 2:  6.91 mile run (3/1)
I didn't want to get up to run with KW this morning, even though I had the alarm set, I woke up before it went off and just turned it off, deciding to run on my own whenever I decided to get up.  I was on the road around 6:30am.  I wanted to do 6 miles but it actually ended up being 6.91 which is fine.  I did 3/1 because after CF on Thursday I felt it yesterday in my back, so I wanted to go easy.  I forgot the Heights Run was today so when I got to Heights Blvd and saw the barricades I was happy that I could see some of it.  Saw the beginning, then headed towards 20th and when I got close to the Start/Finish the leaders weren't far away so I waited to see Coach win first overall easily and a few others that I had seen in the race that I knew.  Will head back to KW next weekend...
Sunday, June 3: 
26 mile bike with NC

Taking the next couple of days off as my back started hurting again last night.  Nothing that a few ibuprofen doesn't fix, but I need to get it back to where it was before Thursday.