Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reebok CrossFit and Luke's Locker - Houston, Texas

I will be participating in a Reebok CrossFit event this coming weekend here in Houston.  I am extremely excited about it (but not about the 2pm 3-2-1-Go time! Its gonna be brutally hot!).  I have no clue as to the WOD, which makes it that much more exciting!

Reebok has really embraced the CrossFit community and culture, stamping their name all over it, and yes there are some CrossFit purists out there that don't love that idea, but they are doing great things for the sport.

Since I am just coming off of an injury, I know better than to overstep, so I will go at it with the knowledge of my body and my limitations and just enjoy the experience!

Additionally if there are folks in Texas reading this, and you have access to Luke's Locker, they are now carrying Reebok shoes and gear.  You should go check it out!

I hope to have some photos' and/or video to share next week!


Kelly P. said...

Thanks June, this is awesome. It's inside at 2pm if that makes you feel any better.

JunieB said...

I know! I was in on Tuesday and David told me they were going to use the empty space next door! Happy! I am use to doing CF in a hot warehouse but at least the sun isn't beating down on you; unless we have to run outside of course. See you Saturday!

WrathRunner said...

Sounds like CrossFit is agreeing with you. Happy to see you're enjoying it.