Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You Never Know What You Have, Until It's Gone

These last 2 months have been painfully brutal.

While after training (for months, but what seemed like forever) and running Chicago, Dallas and Houston all within 99 days there was nothing more than just not training on my mind.

I said I wasn't going to train for another marathon for at least a year, if ever again.  Obviously I knew that last part wasn't going to last, but I truthfully thought my marathon days might be over and I would only do half marathons from here on out.  Half marathons are easy and require minimal training (unless you are trying to break some speed record), but most people can do one with no real commitment to the training.  

When I got my guaranteed entry into 2013 Houston, I still wasn't completely sure that I would even go through with the full, but drop to the half.  Let's face it that was back in May when I was in the most painful and horrible time of my injury.

Now I've been 'back' for 2 weeks, slowly building my mileage and endurance back up and for the first time in a long time I am excited again about training.  I had a goal of being back up to 10 mile long runs by July 1st and I am hopeful that that will indeed happen.

Since 2006 I have ALWAYS been training for some marathon, a couple of those years the entire year was spent training (2010 and 2011 for example).

I now even have future goals again, for 2013, whereas before I didn't even want to think about anything farther than a couple of months.

I have alluded to a possible life change (geographically) in a post or two, and while that is a very real possibility within the next couple of months, I know now, that no matter where I may lay my hat each night, I will always, always, always, at least for as long as my body will allow me, come home each January to run one of the greatest marathons I have ever had the privilege to be a part of...

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