Monday, June 18, 2012

Saddle Sore


I had set my alarm so that we could ride out near the Monument, but when I woke up, I knew a 26mile bike ride was not going to happen.

My body was sore from the previous days running and CrossFit workouts, and as the day wore on, I became more and more sore.

Honestly it was from the CF more than anything as it was that soreness where when you just even barely touch the area, even your skin hurts.

I did make it into the pool for a bit and for the 1st time in a loooooooooong time was able to swim.  I knew up until yesterday not to even try, but it was ok.  Not great, but ok.  Had I not ran/CrossFit the day prior probably would have even been better.

I got in a few laps just to test my 'sea legs' again, and seeing how I am actually blogging, its safe to say I didn't forget how to swim and end up drowning myself.  :O)


This morning I woke up less sore, but still sore nonetheless.  I wanted to start back to CF regularly this week, and the WOD looked like a great one with minimal invasion to the lower back area (C&J's, KB swings, push ups), but I also want to run.  And I didn't want to do both.  Well, I did, but I knew better. 

So I chose the running over the CrossFit. 

I didn't feel like running outside today, so I just hit the gym for an hour on the treadmill.  Threw in a few lifts, some machines and hit the pull up contraption.  


Random factoid:  Its been 9 months since I've had any kind of sports drink whatsoever!  Water, water, baby.
I almost drank some on accident at Kenyan Way on Saturday, not paying attention to which cooler I was using!

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