Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot as Hell

Or what I think Hell feels like.
This morning it was 80+ with 90+% humidity when Kenyan Way met.

Its nothing new obviously around here at this time of year, but you just never f**king get used to it.  At least I don't.

I ran a mile before meeting MD and we set off maybe 10 min ahead of the group.

We both had places to be fairly early and wanted to get the miles out of the way.

The route was 8 miles and we decided we would see what we felt like at 3 for a turnaround to = 6.  

It was indeed so miserable, beyond miserable that we turned back at 3 miles, and I ended up doing another .75 or so afterwards so we'll just call it an even 8.  I really should have remembered to take my SCaps, but I didn't.  Another bad.

With everything going on with the out of town trip, then the beginning of preparation for the initial move to Nebraska, the stars were just not aligned properly to meet my goal of being back to 10 miles by July 1.

Eh, I'm not torn up about it at all.  I figured given good weather, I could easily do 10.  :)

So the new goal is to be back to 10 miles by the time I leave mid-July.

Should be doable.

Talked to Coach this morning about any advice he could give me to help with acclimation to the higher elevation.  He figures getting acclimated to the hills will prove to be more of a hindrance than the elevation.  He said within a couple of weeks, I shouldn't notice any more effects from the change in elevation.

We are also setting up online training for me so that I have my training even though I cannot run with KW other than when I come back for weekends, which will be in August, November and December.  Christmas always is the weekend for the last long run before Houston, so that works out perfectly.

It will be the dead of winter by that time up in Nebraska so running here at almost sea level, warmer temps AND having fluid support for 20-22 miles will be welcomed!

He thinks me training up there for Houston Marathon will be a definite advantage with the advantages of hill training and the elevation.  Certainly not running in elevation like Mammoth Lakes but for someone like me, its probably going to feel like it.

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