Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CrossFit (Benchmark) WOD - Cindy

I didn't think I was going to actually make it to CrossFit since the storm was hitting right around the time for me to leave, but the storm passed through and I decided to go to the 7pm class.

Prior to CrossFit I got in a 40min run with no walking!  It felt terrific!  I also exchanged those God-awful shoes I had gotten on Saturday and wow! what a world of difference!!!  David is the best and I tried about 7 different brands/styles, narrowing it down as we went along until I ended up with the ones I felt the best in and the ones he said looked like I was running my best in.

20min AMRAP of:

5 (kipping) pullups (I still used rings so as not to re-aggravate my healed injury!)
10 pushups
15 air squats

OR if you had a weighted vest (20m/10w), then you did a 10min AMRAP and since I don't own a weight vest, I had 20min's of torture...there are only a couple of people that I know there that actually have spent the $ on a weighted vest.

I did not keep track of my rounds, as I was there to just get the workout in and not worry about exceeding any expectations; plus I knew I wouldn't (or rather shouldn't try) to beat my previous performance with the Cindy WOD.

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