Friday, August 3, 2012


Monday:  2 miles am (I fiddle farted around and its all I had time for)
5 miles pm with a tabata thrown in there running at 7.5
CrossFit: 21/15/9 of situps, kettlebells then a 200m run (full on sprint) in between each set 

Tuesday:  3 miles followed by SU's, jumping jacks, air squats and a few burpees.  I was sore as hell from Mondays WOD and I really didn't want to do ANYTHING, but at least I managed this even if it was just in the gym here where I am currently staying 

Wednesday:  Got my Kenyan Way marathon training schedule I did my required 5 miles with the speed thrown in somewhere in the middle.  Also met a lot of runners today thanks to HR and them sending out my bio to the entire company along with a photo...I got stopped in the stairwell and excited about meeting other runners here who train for longer distances!  Got invited to go on a half marathon trip with them!  Woo!

Thursday:  4 miles

Friday:  Rest day

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