Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sunday:  4 mile walk with P

Monday:  45 min treadmill run followed by 1000m row, SU's and butterfly situps.  Time constraints again this morning.  I could have continued running but I wanted to get in some other sort of workout and thats what I came up with in the time I had. 

Tuesday:  4 mile run with some speed thrown in for funzies 
CrossFit WOD:  3 x rowing, butterfly sit ups and kettlebell swings 

Wednesday: 3 mile run (just didn't feel like running; not sure why I am having a hard time right now other than by the end of the day I am just exhausted from work)
Crossfit WOD:  400m run, 50 kb swings (20 lbs), 200m run, 30 air squats, 400m run, 35 butterfly situps, 200m run

Thursday:  Rest day (switching Thurs and Fri due to a 5K and switching Sat and Sun due to an event I am working Saturday morning to mid afternoon)

Friday:  Sponsored night 5K run.  Told a coworker I would run/walk it with her since it was her first one and I talked her into doing it :)  It was hilly, it was SOOOOO windy (a few times felt like running in quicksand) and it was also gravel in some parts, but she did it!  Ran 2 min/walk 1 min.  She was BEAT by the end but it was fun to do it with her.  $10 5K and included a t-shirt :)  Can't beat that!

Saturday:  Rest day  (volunteered to work a 2 hour shift at the company sponsored departmental garage sale which was held in the corporate parking lot so I was up at 5:15...was SO much fun; pictures later!!!)  Some of us are off to the movies tonight since we got a new movie!  Bourne Legacy (YUM jeremy renner!!!)

Sunday:  6 miles (that's what the schedule calls for....)  :)  A nice 53 deg this morning too....oh how I love me some Nebraska!

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