Monday, August 27, 2012

What Did I Say About No Plans!?

On Saturday morning while I was out doing my long run, my friend D had called and wanted to know if I wanted to drive into Ft. Collins for sushi and then on to Boulder to catch some of the 6th leg of the Pro USA Cycling race...

At first I said no, but once I got home and showered I changed my mind and called to see if she had already headed out...

Nope she was just filling up with gas...

So she swung by and picked me up...I was expecting her in her truck but nope...she had Barbie out for the day!!!

Then we were on our way!  Thank goodness for short hair!!!

Just entering into Wyoming

Dessert after a fab sushi lunch!  We split it :)

Cheese was SO cold in there...they provide coats if you need one, but at least I had a long sleeve on and jeans...
I bought some fab cheese, fresh kalamata olives off the olive bar, some garlic olive oil, Bruschette and some orzo.  (We had a cooler in the trunk)

Approaching the Front Range of the Rockies...

Entering into Boulder

Trek Cycling had a patio with free Chipotle, beer and wine...I didnt end up buying anything but Diane got some new high dollar Shisamo (sp?) clip in shoes for her Trek

Jens Voigt made an appearance at the store and here he is signing Dianes Trek jersey she had bought in Singapore on her trip..

The sunset in our rear view on the way home....a long but wonderful day!!!!
 Honorable mentions with no photos...
Antelope, buffalo, deer, Clydesdales (all roaming around)

And then last but not least....3 camels!!!

I was like WTF?  But going 80mph in a convertible and seeing things almost last minute doesn't bode well for getting a photo op!!!

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