Friday, August 24, 2012

Digits and Miscellany - Week of August 20th

Monday: Run

Tuesday: Nada

Wednesday: Run

Thursday: Run/CrossFit

Friday: Rest Day

I will be sooooo glad when I am moved into my new place and back to some sense of normalcy. It’s truly exhausting mentally to be in temporary housing. I cannot eat/cook like I am used to and 5 weeks in, it is definitely taking its toll on me.

I’ve mentioned before how extremely busy I am at work and by the end of the day I am just exhausted. Mostly because I have to run from one side of the building to the other all day and then on top of that climb stairs and climb stairs and climb stairs.

It’s somewhat easier now, but I still hate stairs. :O)

Additionally even though I am waking up still so early in the morning I find it difficult to want to run from the doors of where I am staying, and I don’t want to get dressed and drive to where I like to run, therefore it gets pushed off to after work and well…like I said…

One more week (ish) and I will be moving into a permanent home and I cannot wait! Then I will be more apt to just walk out my front door each morning and run…or as it gets colder I still might wait until after work…but the bottom line is that I am certain my head and my body will want to do the things I haven’t been wanting to do and basically forcing myself. Thankfully yesterday was a light day at work and I had no motivation issues except I didn’t feel like running, I just felt like CrossFit but whatever.

I’m excited for the weekend as its going to be quite the lazy one. I will get my long run in tomorrow and then church on Sunday. That’s really all that I know for sure will be accomplished!

I might start packing up things for the move just to get a head start; only keeping out things I will need. I will be leaving for Houston on Wednesday and I am not bringing a bag or anything since I still have clothes there so it will be an easy commute back to HTown.

Hoping to get the keys to the house before I leave otherwise I will just get them on Sunday. I am only staying in Houston for a couple of days as I will be anxious to get back here and get most of my temp housing contents moved before the moving truck gets here on probably what will be Tuesday after the long weekend. Sure would be nice if they could get here on Monday!! Crossing my fingers.

Looking at the forecast the first week of September looks to be a cold one here! Woohoo! Low 40’s in the mornings and only about mid-70’s during the day. Hope that forecast sticks!! Would be awesome to be in the new house with all the windows open putting things in their place…Can’t wait to be all settled in, and I know the Nugget will be super excited too! Wondering how he is going to react to stairs and a basement. So much extra room for him to expend all that damn energy he has! Plus it will be weird for me having 1600 sq ft of wonderful to just roam around in!!!!

But for me I just cannot wait to cook! I am already trying to figure out the first thing I want to cook and I think it’s a big pot of my wonderful spaghetti! Along with a roasting a big ol’ chicken!!!!!!!!!!! Probably do both in the same day!!! Ha!

OK, well I need to get back to work…Just wanted to take a few moments out to just write down a few things….

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