Monday, August 13, 2012

Scenes From the Week

In just over 2 weeks I will be back in Houston for a few days to meet the movers.  They'll pack all my stuff for me one day and then load the next...I'm looking forward to seeing a few friends and my family!!  But I also know that I will be happy when I get back to Nebraska with my things following close behind me!  Plus when I return I will get the keys to my house!!!!

Yay for a house and my stuff!!  I miss my stuff!!!  :)

Beautiful Day

Fly Fishing

Near the end of one LONG day of about 4 hours of meetings to put out a fire and get a project done prior to the deadline for a new store opening and getting merchandise there with the proper software enhancements!

Good morning!!!

P after her 2nd 5K...she downed that beer like it was her job

Silver Dollar Grill and Bar.... $4.95 for a mushroom/swiss HOMEMADE burger WITH fries post delish!
Loaded up and ready to carry home some garage sale items...not mine  :O)

So wanted him....simply beautiful but him, along with all the taxidermy items were bought in probably record time...employees only will get another shot sometime in the next month or two.  I think I need SOMETHING dead and stuffed for my basement right? :)

My $20 couch find for my new basement/gym/rec/office room, and its one of those that rocks!  So comfy!

My $10 desk for my new basement/gym/rec room/space for working...  :)


K said...

Looks like you are getting along very well there! I am jealous of the cooler temps you must be loving!

Houston is still hot. Just in case you were wondering..;)

JunieB said...

ha! I know and I am not looking forward to that when I come back for a few days end of august.

it was 47 this morning!! simply lovely!!