Thursday, August 16, 2012

Digits - Week of August 13, 2012

Monday:  4.5 mile run
Then later at the gym because my ADD was in uber-mode, I did:  3x200m rows followed by 30 butterfly situps (x3), then went on to do lat pull downs, tricep pull downs, 2 leg machines (hams and quads), step ups, wall balls, and some clean and presses.  

Tuesday:  Unscheduled rest day.  Exhausted from a long day at the office.  I'll make it up tomorrow by doing extra :)

Wednesday: 5 mile run; I had speed work on the schedule which called for 10 x 1 min at med.  5 of them I did at about 9:40pace which isn't medium, more like fast maybe?  The others were done at about 10-10:10pace.

CrossFit:  2 x
250m row
15 kb swings (20lbs)
25 burpees
15 kb swings (20lbs)
250m row

Plus I did a round of tabata (20s/10s) x 8 at 8:34 pace on the treadmill 

4 miles

Friday:  Rest day

Saturday:  11 miles on the schedule.  Got my route all mapped out.

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