Thursday, July 12, 2012

T Minus 6 Days...

And more rain.

The past 3 mornings I was not able to get my run on before work due to just the crazy amount of rain we've been getting every day (so different from last year!).  Well Tues and Wed since yesterday was my last day at my current job!

When I woke up around 6am this morning it wasn't raining (yet) but it was lightning and the radar showed what was coming and well...I just wasn't going to chance it and besides...lightning.  Duh.

Besides getting running done on the treadmill the past few days and some CrossFit in there as well, needless to say my days and (most) evenings have been consumed with tying up little loose ends that need to be taken care of before I leave.

I will be back in a month or so to meet the movers, but at least the assessor has come by and all that is taken care of; just need to wait for the relo company to get back in touch with me so we can decide on a day and then I can book my flight back here to meet them.

I believe I am done-zo for today though.  I'm exhausted and I need a break.

Maybe I'll head to CrossFit later though...

Or not.

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