Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Got a House!!!!

I am so blessed!  In a small town with so many people that have moved here and are moving here, finding a rental is very, very hard to do.

Thankfully my teammate at work had looked at a house thinking she was going to downsize, but then decided the house wasn't for her, hooked me up.

I went and looked at it today after work and we shook on it right then and there.

Its just over 800 sq ft on the top floor and then the bottom floor (basement) is another 800 sq ft.  There are 3 BR's, 2 up and 1 down, and 2 baths.  Covered parking, a HUGE back yard, and a deck!

So so so blessed and beyond excited that I found something so quickly.  I will be living here in the temp housing until Sept as end of August I fly home to meet the moving company they hired to move my stuff which is perfect timing as by the time it makes it here I will be able to move in!!

Back Yard from the deck

From the back yard


Street view


TX Runner Mom said...

I saw this on FB, but didn't get to comment after the kiddos were in bed. I love your house! It is so cute and I can see some awesome gatherings on that deck. Congrats on finding the right place so quickly!

Bert said...

Wow you can practically run laps on that deck!