Sunday, July 15, 2012

T Minus 3 Days

I cannot even remember where I left off, but I've been busy, busy, busy.

I got in my longest run yesterday since my injury which occurred back around mid-April.  We had a bit of sprinkles at the beginning of the KW run, but it stopped shortly after it started.

I am thrilled that I am back up to 10 miles!!

I'm going to hit up CrossFit today even though its open gym (which means there is no official WOD, but you can practice whatever you want or put together your own WOD).

I decided to put together my own:

150 Single Unders
400m run
20 KB swings
30 abmat situps
5 pullups

x 5 rounds

Since we are down to the wire before I leave for Nebraska, and also looking ahead at the week through the weekend, I am going to do a long run on my own on Tuesday.  I will do it on the treadmill and basically the plan is just to run for 2 hours.

Other than that I will just fit in some shorter runs here and there and probably get another CF workout in before I leave Wednesday morning.

Not really much more to say for now, except that this shit just got real.  It kinda creeped up on me, but I am excited and just ready to get on the road already!


Anna Helm said...

Would've loved to do CF-style weights with you before you left, but somehow I know we'll have the chance some other day.
Ten is the magic number in my book of running - it requires fitness, builds confidence and opens new "trails", if you will.
Enjoy your last July day in TX for a while-have some strawberries or a frosty local beverage.
The Lone Star flag will be a little bluer than usual tomorrow.

Junie B said...

Anna, that is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever said to me.

And yes indeed, we'll get some CF style workouts as often as possible when I am home visiting!

I am so happy we got to enjoy some friend time eating yummy sushi before I left!