Monday, July 23, 2012

Got Time for a Quickie?

I don't know...this blog might be dwindling down.

I mean I could post and post random crap to fill up and put another link in your reader or what-not, but honestly so much has and is happening that I am finding that all my happiness, good fortune and blessings ... that if I sit down to write about them it comes off a bit braggart-y.

I could post a ton of pictures but I don't have a lot of space left on this thing and well I don't want to spend money to post pictures.

Things will probably pick back up once I get more settled in a permanent residence and not so many little things to take care of.

Let's see...first running:  ran Friday, Saturday and today.  Nothing major but I need to get a 2 hour run in and it won't be until the weekend before that happens.  Not ideal, but it is what it is and to be honest with you I don't seem to care that much.  I have a new life, new friends, new town, new job...and these things are taking the top spots on my 'important things to do' list.  There is a night race (5K) here in a couple of weeks and I am excited about that.

Work:  Today was day 1.  And you know those workplaces like Google, Facebook and what-not that have those environments where everyone is so darn happy because the work environment is full of awesome people, awesome amenities and fun things thrown in to keep you 'invested'?  Yeah this is that kind of place.  The break room alone made me gasp!  The HUGE refrigerator fully stocked, and espresso, coffee and hot cocoa machines, along with an array of vending products.  Couches, flat screens...totally serious.

My office was outfitted with 2 huge monitors, laptop and everything else you can imagine.  A Galaxy tablet will be next, plus I had a welcome package full of items such as backpack, tshirts, water bottles, dried fruits, ball cap...It was a nice gesture and one I never have received anywhere else!

I had over 300 emails to me already, 3 meetings and 4 projects in various stages assigned to me, so I worked late which I NEVER do...but you don't seem to mind because its awesome and I am just so excited to be a part of this growing up and coming go get 'em atmosphere.

Outside of work:   Everyone invites you to everything.  Yesterday after getting home from Denver all I wanted to do was lay in bed but was invited by my boss and a few others to meet at the pool for a bit so instead of being lazy and getting a run in, I went to do that instead.  This weekend is already booked because hey the Cheyenne County Fair is this week/weekend plus the CoC big to - do downtown as well, so there ya go!  Going to be tons of fun I know!  There isn't a lot that happens here so this is one of the 'big' weekends everyone looks forward to!

I am in temporary housing as my employer pays for 2 months (plus food allowance per diem), but I am already trying to find somewhere since its not easy here.  I did drive by a rental house today, and while it needs work, I want to see the inside.  Its a 2BR/1B, but no garage and no basement...we'll see...I have time to inquire on availability of a few other places that may be coming up within the 2 month time frame.

I don't mind it here and Nugget seems fine, but I miss having a kitchen as all I have is a small fridge, a small counter for food prep and a microwave.  Not a lot to do with that but I am making do.  Eating a lot of salads, fruits and vegetables which is fine for now.  I am trying not to eat at the restaurants because I am only allowed $30 a day for food and I would rather spend it on groceries.  $30 actually covers me for a few days if I shop at the farmers market and the grocer.

So that's it for now...but I will leave you with a couple of pictures from the equivelent of 'Starbucks' in my little town...

The two are connected and inside you see a lot of folks just drinking their coffee, playing chess/checkers, reading the paper or their newest favorite read. 

These two little girls were SO SO SO cute!  Then I realized one was picking her nose!  HA!


Anna Helm said...

We want to know about the new life-don't quit!

Anna Helm said...

And where did your links to other blogs go?

Junie B said...

i took the links off a while back. i wont quit entirely, but it might be slow going for a bit!

Junie B said...

besides you see WAY more on my facebook than on here!!!