Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Movies (do not) = Real Life

I know the last few posts about Christmas ghosts for the most part were major downers, but guess what?  Life is not perfect and I don't believe anyone out there lives in a Christmas snow globe right?  Do you even KNOW anyone that does?  Sure I bet you know some that WANT you to believe they do...

It was important to me to write some of even share it to anyone out there still reading; or who might just happen upon this blog somehow.
I still have a lot to write about, and even over the weekend I realized I needed to post an entry about the GREAT part of my childhood, and maybe even if you can believe it, something just as bad and traumatic as sexual abuse: bullying.
But today's post came to me over the weekend as I was relaxing, of course watching a few Christmas movies.  I've done that off and on since Thanksgiving, they are indeed one of my guiltiest pleasures after all.
At some point, Lord only knows through which one it was, that I said out loud, in an empty house sans one furry snowball of a cat, Ha! I don't know a single person EVER that has the life led in a Christmas movie.  Maybe at that one point in each of them that seems to have the main character struggling because they are emotionally lost and on the verge of the worst life ever moment..but then somehow, out of nowhere either an angel, Santa himself, or some unbelievable family member, man or woman come in and save the day and they all live happily ever after.

I mean that totally happens every single day right?
But yet, as I stated, definitely one of my guiltiest pleasures every year and while yes I cry like a 6 year old girl who can't find her prized Barbie, I at least, for the most part don't feel that my life is so awful because it isn't like what I see on TV.
I have heard some say and even announce after watching any of these that they feel awful, like major depression, and I don't understand that?
You cannot honestly think that that really exists right?
That would be like believing the covers and insides of magazines that so and so is THAT thin and has NO pores.

 Seriously, please tell me who all know this is NOT REAL?

Seriously just google Before and After Photoshop images to see what I am talking about.


Actually its done a great deal of good for me since I struggle (still) from time to time of triggers with the perfect persona that society would like for us all to believe is real life.

Just like the movies do sometimes.

And healthy living blog(gers).  That's another thing that use to be demoralizing to me; sparking triggers, my ED to go into overdrive, not to mention trying to run a bazillion miles a week and feel rotten to my core because I couldn't do what they do.

Oh wait...they don't have jobs.  Or a lot of things it seems; and talk about eating disorders!  Took me forever to figure how why my issues skyrocketed during a time where I read them faithfully.

So again... Christmas movies (and a LOT of other things) are NOT real life.

Its OK to be sad.
Its OK to eat.
Its even OK to eat something bad for you.
(Can we just STOP already with all the Survive the Holidays!  Exercise More So You Don't Gain the Holiday 10! or whatever...types of posts on Facebook, Twitter, and every single place I seem to look these days!?!?!?)

Its OK that you can't run faster than a speeding bullet, or even a fat chihuahau.
Its OK that you aren't married.
Its OK that you don't have kids.



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