Monday, August 26, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 12


5 miles (treadmill); didn't feel like running before work, preferred having 2 cups of coffee and enjoying the news.  So it was HOT here today, and will be all week, so I headed to the gym.
Followed the run up with 100 weighted (10lbs) of butterfly sit-ups
Then came home and mowed the yard (front only).  The back will get done tomorrow since I needed gas and didn't feel like getting any :)

Rest day (from running)
100 weighted (10lbs) butterfly sit-ups
100 weighted (10lbs) butterfly sit-ups 
Mowed the back yard (Gawd that thing kills me)

So so so so tired when I got up this morning.  The alarm went off before 5, but I just couldn't drag myself out of bed until around 5:15
I thought long and hard about just bailing, and in a way I kinda did since instead of doing 7 miles before work, I only did 3.
Womp womp
Sad panda

Oh wellz.

And it's supposed to quite hot today (100!!  Whaaat?)

But as of yesterday, this happened! (and I did 45min on it after work to round out the day).

Treadmill in my basement finally!!!
I've been on the hunt for a while now for a newer model, low hours, fully loaded, excellent priced (used) treadmill for the basement (with Winter coming and all, and now knowing how many days I have to run inside due to ice, snow and below zero wind chill!)

And I finally found one!  No more going to the gym in the cold either which sometimes can be just as brutal just getting to and from the car!

I am super pumped!  Plus now I can go cancel my membership which puts $33 a month back in my pocket!

Obviously I am more prepared for this Winter, knowing what to expect, and equipped to handle it (clothes/shoes/YakTrak), but there are those days where no matter what, without 14 layers of everything and running in snowshoes, you just HAVE to run inside.  At least I do.

Was supposed to do 4 miles with E, but she texted beforehand and wasn't feeling great.  Boooooooooooooooo for feeling bad!  Sometimes it is nice to have someone along.

Rest! Rest! Rest! (not like the 'resting' I did on Tuesday :)

18 miles today

Up before 4am and on the road, (literally) before 5am.  PreRun was a cup of coffee and 1 slice of Dave's Killer Bread (post on this at a later day), with a smidge of The Bees Knees peanut butter (Peanut Butter and Co)
Near perfect conditions: 60 deg, no wind, no humidity.  While I do like it when its overcast on longer runs, I have to say, its better when its not.  As I said, no humidity.  One of the best parts of living here definitely!

I wanted to get that early start in because I knew it would heat up quickly once it got close to 7:30 or so and with no cloud cover, I would be baking in that sun.
I also love that its darker longer in the mornings and its after 6 before the sun starts coming up over the horizon.  I absolutely love this small town in the wee hours of running, with blinking lights instead of red, and nary a car or truck sans maybe the early morning farmer heading to the fields.  I seriously just run down the middle of the streets like I own the place.  :)

Taken on the run:  Lots of Nuun, 1 PB Gu, 4 SCaps, and 5 Gatorade chews.

2 more super long runs, then its taper! taper! taper!


Looks like we are finally going to have some true Summer weather this coming week, so it will be morning runs before work.  WAY too hot and I'm not ready to be admonished to the 'new' treadmill just yet.


Mark Varner said...

I love that about my town also, I hardly see anyone or any type of car or truck in the morning except for Monday's (garbage day). It's my own little running world also.

I do miss the sunrises coming up during my run as there has been some great ones. Even better is that for the past month is has been pretty cool so I don't get cooked on my long runs.

Junie B said...

As I was finishing up this morning, it was just starting to dawn. For whatever reason I looked to the East just before I had to turn onto my road and I kinda lost my breath for a minute. The blues and pinks were just unbelieveably awesome this morning

Darin Armstrong said...

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