Monday, September 2, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 13

I feel like I've been training forever.
In reality, its been so long since I've gone through a marathon training cycle; gosh the last one was for Houston 2012 which means I wrapped up that training at the end of December 2011.
A lifetime ago.  :)
I guess I did start earlier than normal, but honestly I don't really remember.
We are 4 weeks away from taper, which means 17 weeks, so that's about right.
Isn't it?  :)
At some point I am going to write a post about race day expectations, probably once I hit the last long run (Sept 21).  This by far has been my most trying for several reasons, one being location and support, another being the never-ending cycle of pre-menopause that with each day you just never know 'which body' is going to show up.  Its exhausting, the not knowing.  But I am adjusting as best as I can and accepting the limitiations sometimes it inflicts upon me.
So on to this week!
Didn't get a lot of sleep, insomnia maybe? but more like just waking up a lot, so at 4:30am when I knew there was no sense in fighting it anymore, and I was completely wide awake, I got up, got dressed and was out the door by 5:10am.
Running the complete, lonely darkness and I gotta say, man I love running at that time of the morning.  It is totally worth it to be in that moment where its just so dark and so quiet.  Not to mention that, at least this morning, as I was finishing the sunrise was just beginning to happen.  It truly was a beautiful sight.

5 miles

 Unscheduled day off
We had a 'work thing' out of town, and due to hours and what-not,
this was my work-out.  Plus lots and lots of hiking, and 4-wheelin'.  We may work our asses, but we know how to get rid of some pent-up steam too!

Looking forward to going back in a couple of weeks when its much, much cooler!  (this week has been rough on us Nebraskans!)

Trap/Clay shooting; GAWD I love shooting shotguns!

Lots of turkeys out and about, not time to shoot them legally though #wompwomp

5 miles
Was supposed to be 7, but it wasn't


13 miles
Didn't start until almost 5:45 because I was wavering on whether to run outside or on the treadmill (at the gym when it opened at 7).  The reason was because it was quite warm this morning (63) and I was meh about that.  I know thats not hot, or even warm to some folks but I was wondering where the 50's went!??!?!  But I did end up running outside as I figured it could be worse.  MUCH worse.  Like Houston worse :)  And I'm glad I did because it wasn't that bad.  The humidity and dew points both were in the 50's so it was a-ok.  Once I got home, before even showering I washed the car and did laundry.  :)  Then I was starving which is unusual for me after a longer run; usually I cannot eat for a few hours but man the runger was bad!  Eggs, sausage, and 2 slices of Daves Killer Bread.  So yum!

Now I can relax a bit, before a few errands and a movie this evening!

(almost) 4 miles  :)
As I was enjoying my coffee and watching the morning news, I knew just how wonderful the morning felt and looked outside.  We had plans to go to Cheyenne a bit later, but I thought Oh I for sure have time to get in a few miles and thoroughly take advantage of the cooler temps and beautiful sunrise, so I got dressed and off I went.
My legs felt a bit ouchy from the day before but after about a mile things loosened up and I was able to hit some pretty decent paces, some even under 10min when I was on the run portion of the run/walk
When my shorter long runs on Saturday, I like to push it a bit more, which I did, therefore my legs felt a bit more tired, but still OK enough to even push it the day after.  Glad to get in another run on a beautiful morning in Nebraska!

Then it was off to Cheyenne for food and shopping!  AND froyo!

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