Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 15

3 miles before work
 A little humid out as the cold front is getting nearer so it was a bit overcast this morning.
My left Achilles is feeling a bit ouchy and I almost turned back within the first 200m, but figured nope, keep going.  It'll stretch itself out, just slow down.  (I always tend to go a bit faster obvs at the beginning because its a straight downhill (albeit not steep, just a slight dh for the first 700m or so))

We had a MASSIVE storm roll through last night around 7:30 or so.  78mph winds, hail that I thought was going to break my windows in my house, torrential rain.  All of it.  When I drove through town this morning it reminded me of when Ike went through Houston.
My yard is a hot mess but thankfully no damage.  My fence is intact, my deck is intact; just a lot of branches down and random debris.

Here is a short video I took from under my deck/carport right before it hit (well I cannot get it to upload here so click the link)

Needless to say I didn't get up and run this morning with all the debris, no power through the majority of town, and some roads where I generally run still covered with water.

After work I hit up the treadmill for 5 miles then came home and started clearing the yard (hauling branches etc.)  I sure hope the City picks them up!  Otherwise I'm going to have to either just drag them into the ravine or borrow a truck to haul them away.

Up at 4:30 and 7 miles before work
Still LOTS of debris, but at least there were lights and I could pitter patter around what was still on the roads and some of the sidewalks

Didn't run.  We had another day trip for work/play so while there was no 'structure' physical activity, there was plenty of 'exercise' regardless.
Up at Grandview again, so a lot of walking/hiking/shooting/jeepin' AND some sprinting from time to time during a scavenger hunt!

I've decided that basically all I need to be happy is: couple of shotguns, a 4 wheeler, a fishin' pole, couple of doggies, a cabin and a lifetime supply of running shoes to run through the woods and country roads with.  That's it.  Happy.  Oh and wifi and cable :O)

Rest day

12 miles
Nothing great or bad, just a normal cut back week

In case you've been living under a rock you know that CO has been getting annihilated with rain and flooding.  And since I am just a bit north and east of there, we have had rain every day as well, just not to the capacity as they have.  Thank God.
After my coffee, and yes it was raining, but it had lightened up a bit, but was taking forever to do so, I figured I would just don a visor, put my iPod Shuffle in a snack baggie and head out.  So what if it was sprinkling?

Yes, that is long sleeves!  Low 50's/feels like in 40's with the winds and damp/sprinkly rain.  LOVE Fall!
However, no sooner than I was about 500m from home, the damn skies opened up and I was being beat to hell with rain.  I figured, oh it'll let up.

Nope.  But well, after a mile and realizing it was just going to keep on, I figured might as well keep going to get at least 3 (and not the 4 I planned).  Turning back would only mean 2 miles and I figured shit, I had gotten soaked and all I was gonna get at least the 3.  :)

So when I got home, I was more like this:

Nice and soaking wet
Most of the time I was running I was just thinking God, please don't let it be raining during the Chicago Marathon! 

One more week to taper!
Got another 20+ run this coming Saturday, but with actual temps in the 40's I am actually looking forward to it!

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Joabie1 said...

Thanks for posting about your training. It's fun reading your blog. I have a couple of friends running Chicago this year too and you sound just like them! (training-wise) Hopefully I will be joining the ranks of the 26.2 in 2014 :-)