Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dialing in Nutrition - Marathon Training - 6 Weeks Out

I've gone back and forth on eating, mostly in the positive, however I have had days where the hunger was just too much for me to bear (Wednesdays seem to be the worse when I run longer in the mornings before work).

A couple of months ago, I set my phone to ring an alarm at certain times which would be the ONLY time I am allowed to eat.  This works pretty well if I don't say so myself.  I do not have the alarms on Sat and Sun since I don't eat on schedule and with so many things going on, I don't find myself wanting food as much.  Maybe I SHOULD put an alarm on those days as well since I find myself sometimes not eating enough on the weekends!

A few weeks back I did something I rarely do and that was weigh myself.  I was NOT happy with the number and realized that marathon training, yet again, was making me gain weight.  At least I think it was that.  I haven't weighed again, but at that moment I dialed back the food in a big way and I feel SO much better.  I will probably weigh again this week and hope to see a more reasonable number on that darn thing!

I am not going to lie.  Most days I am starving, or what I perceive as starving, and it can be difficult to ignore.  There are days I go to bed and find it difficult to go to sleep because I am hungry.  And more often than not, I find myself just willing that darn alarm to go off so I can eat!

Being hungry is not fun, but its necessary for me to maintain or even lose weight.  With all my issues, I already have a very difficult losing/maintaining weight (oh youth I miss you!), so its even that much more important for me to be vigilant.

Now that I am 6 weeks out from Chicago, its time for me to dial it in even more.  I have GOT to make certain that I do not gain weight these last 6 weeks and once I hit taper its going to be even more important.

I have 2 20 milers coming up, 1 is this coming weekend.  Once those are done, my running will drastically reduce and I've got to make certain that what I am eating is exactly what I need and NOTHING more.

The plan, once taper starts, is to up the gym time.  Weights, both machine and body (CF) along with as many abs as I can muster each day will hopefully help as well.  Might even help with strength and endurance for race day.

One thing I cannot ignore is that a couple of days prior to the 20's, I've got to make sure I eat enough and put my mind at ease with that.

I've got to keep the 'not on plan' foods to the barest of minimums.  Its not common, but it happens and in these last 6 weeks, its going to be quite boring around here.  Probably already is for anyone that would be here staying with me.  I am pretty strict with my eating and food choices.  Unless you are as determined as I think I am, no one would want to eat the same old boring things I do most days.  

And its about to get worse.

Much, much worse.

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