Monday, August 19, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 11

Up and at em early, out the door by 5:40am
Sometimes its just SO hard to get up and run before work!  I like getting up early, I always do, but I like to hang out, enjoy my coffee, check all forms of social media from overnight (I'm on FB, Twitter and Instagram), catch up by listening/watching either the local news or CNN...You get the idea.
When I run before work, its get up early enough to get out the door, run, get back, have time for a cup of coffee (or at least 1/2 cup) before having to get in the shower and get to work by around 7:30 (sometimes I don't care and get here at 8, like this morning). 
For whatever reason I only had 3 miles on my schedule today (along with a weights workout), so once again I made it a 5K.  I did my usual almost 3 mile loop but added on after a mile in by turning down a street to run 2 extra blocks so it would hopefully = 3 miles even.  Turns out it was just a wee bit more! 
45min yoga (I have Netflix streaming to my television, which has some good yoga as does Amazon Prime which I also have).  Note: Some of the Amazon Prime yoga videos are free, but also some are available for purchase for minimal $

I'm thinking about getting a 2nd Roku for downstairs living room too.  There is a lot more room down there since I use that space mainly for working out.  Only other time I have used it really was last Thanksgiving when I had 15 people over for dinner.

I do have plenty of room up on the main floor living room for yoga, but it would be nice just to have it down there.

Early to work
Late home from work
LOOOOOOOOOONG stressful day
Got those 5 miles in though! 

Up before 5 and running by 5:20
Had 7 miles to do but it came to 6.5 because a mile from home I had the angry tummy stuff start to happen and honestly I didn't even know if I was going to make it home.  But I did and well, I wasn't going to go back out to finish half a mile.  We'll call it even.  :)

Rest day

Cut back week
11 miles
One of the better, longer runs in a while.  I was up around 5:15 and out the door by 6 I guess it was?  Not exactly sure now.  I drove down to the park, parked, and off I went.
It was sooooo foggy and by the time I had finished the first loop, I was wet from it.  At times it felt like a sprinkle, but it wasn't.  Thankfully it lifted a bit after about the 3rd loop, but it hung around, keeping things cloudy which was nice.  It was in the mid to upper 50's and for whatever reason the humidity didnt seem as stifling as it was obviously high.

I didn't seem to get bored today either.  Another first.  I suppose its because I was just feeling good and just taking it loop by loop.

One thing that definitely seems to help is instead of counting forward, I count the loops backward.  Each one down and you know you are closer to that last one!  Whatever works right?

As soon as I was done, I headed straight down to the Farmers Market since I knew if I went home to shower first etc., I might end up not going.  I should have brought a cover up because with as wet as I was and the cool temps, I was cold.  But with all the rain we've had this year compared to last the crops are awesome and I really wanted some locally grown fruits and veggies!

I also wanted some of the homemade breads and cookies, but I didn't.  No one had any that were gluten free, but one of the vendors said they hope to get to that soon.  I sure hope so!

Hoping that I have as good of a day next week when I have 19 on the schedule.  Oy.  5 weeks to taper!  3 more loooong runs of 19, 20 and 22.

Lazed around in the morning (I so love my Sunday quiet time), then headed West to Wyoming for the day to hike/run some trails with Emily.
Cloudy and hazy when we left; actually had on a very light hoodie.  By the time we got to WY the sun was high, bright and hot.  Thank goodness I brought sunscreen!  And a handheld, but next time will bring the CamelBak for sure!

Some pics are in the previous post.

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