Monday, November 3, 2014

Recovery Week

1600m row
20min steam
10min sauna

Definitely a little ouchy today and tired.  I never sleep well due to increased HR and soreness etc.  So I was tired when I woke up.  I gave my legs the day off for what should be obvious reasons.

2 miles in the am before work.  Nice and slow.  Ran 2min, walk 1min.

After work: 30min stroll before dinner

2 miles in the am before work
Legs (gym after work)
10min stairmill

After being so lazy last week for taper week, it felt GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT to get in there and work my legs.  I probably overdid it on squats and deadlifts (added weight too), and will feel it tomorrow and Friday but I don't curr!!!!  Deadlifts and squats are two of THE BEST overall body strength and body changing movements you can do.  Time to ramp it up people!!!!!!!!!

3 miles elliptical
Back, biceps and triceps
10min steam
10min sauna


5 miles (4 miles on the schedule)
The group I paid for and run with in CR had a 'bye' this week since they are all either running out of town or doing the Katy 10/5 tomorrow.  I thought about signing up for the 5 miler but they wanted $60!!!!!  HELL NO.  Late registration or not, that's ridiculous.  So I jumped in with another pod and they are doing a few weeks of speed training for a faster 5K.  This actually fit in perfectly.  I ran 2 by myself and then did the 3 with the group.  It was nice and chilly!  Actually wore a long sleeve Lulu Swiftly with my shorts.  JUST A BEAUTIFUL MORNING FOR A RUN!

Gym (early evening):  Shoulders/Chest

The morning was spent food prepping while watching the NYC Marathon.  I was very excited to see that it was being shown on TV.  My fav Meb just barely missed the podium and of course Kara, chokes again.  I don't know why people make such a big deal about her.  She has yet to have proven herself.  She clearly just cannot hang with the elites; she bonks every single time.

I didn't go to the Texans game this week, so I watched the first half at home then headed to the gym.

4 miles then,
Legs, legs, legs.  I upped the weight again on my squats and deadlifts.  Great workout!!!  And of course I watched the 2nd half of the game.  #wompwomp

New week!  New opportunities for greatness!

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