Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Week of Workouts

Here is something you didn't know:  I type out 90% of my workouts on Monday, and just fill in the blanks and/or edit along the way.  This keeps me on track and I don't have to think about it daily as to what my workout is.  And obviously sometimes it changes because I get a wild hair to do something different or I switch days around etc.

3 miles after work. 
Colder weather is coming this and today is the last warm day for a bit, so I wanted to get out and enjoy it but it was yucky and windy and I just was like eh, so the treadmill in the apartment complex gym it was.  And can I just say how HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY I am that I am no longer living in Nebraska, where today the temps are at the negative 0 mark (with wind chill, but still, 12 deg reg temp?  For the HIGH?  Yup.  I don't miss that place AT.  ALL.  I won't be stuck inside for 6 months!


3 miles (treadmill)
10min stairmill
I actually set the clock to get up half hour earlier to run before work.  No thank you.  #WarmBed

3 miles


6.5 miles
Solo run through Cinco Ranch.  45deg which was perfect actually.  Hard to get out the door even at 7:30am but it was fine once I started.  Long sleeve and shorts FTW!

Was going to go run at TH with work peeps but they were doing 9 and starting at 7:30 so starting after 8am for me was not an option.  To finish at approx. the same time just put me too late of a start.  I was ready to go so I just opted to stay close to the house.

I certainly do like running at my own (faster) pace and taking breaks when I need it rather than being with the group I signed up for.  I think I am either going to run on my own from here on out or with work peeps.

Whole Foods parking lot :O)  Instagram photo which makes me 9 times out of 10 chop off my head :O)

Opted out of the gym in the early evening as I had been on and off the roads all day with errands.

Back, biceps, triceps
30min stairmill (this is the longest I have ever gone on this thing!!)  Easy to do when football is on :O)
15min steam
15min sauna

Y'all while its now Monday and I am posting this I have to tell you...this morning, my arms?  Wowza I could REALLY tell a difference even with no flexing!  Diggin' it.

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