Monday, November 10, 2014

Time for Round 2!

Recovery week is over and while I still went at it hard, I plan to still ramp up (lift heavier) when and where I can leading into the next half marathon (1 down, 2 to go until my year, more like 11months OFF!!!!)


I am switching my active recovery day this week to today instead of Tuesday.  I am having some woman issues, and I just feel like today I need the day PLUS its supposed to be storming tomorrow late afternoon into Wednesday, and I want the nice outside time while I can.

30min walk around my neighborhood

3 mile run before work.  The weather is supposed to turn nasty and as mentioned previously getting out and doing my run before work is definitely beneficial.  I don't particularly like running on the treadmill so if I need to lift, and I don't run in the morning, my run gets done at the gym for convenience sake.  It was warm and sticky muggy out, but I have now ventured out of the complex and have a nice 3 mile route I can run and still stay close to home without getting run over on the feeder road :O)  Its not the most scenic but hey its dark still at 5:30 even with the time change and really I just need to get the time in.  AND I am not running laps around my complex :O)

Back, biceps and triceps
10min steam
10min sauna

2 mile run (treadmill; it was raining this morning) AND it was raining after work too.  Blah.
Shoulders only tonight.  Just wasn't feeling much more than what I did; I felt like bagging the whole thing, but figured no matter what ANYTHING is better than NOTHING.

I didn't feel like getting back out in the weather so I just walked up to the apartment gym which was great in that it was deserted. 

4 miles


8 miles
Actually probably closer to 9 since I ran 4 by myself in front of running 4 with one of the running group pods.  Because I got done with my 4 early, and had to wait around, I did some running of laps around the shopping center, along with walking laps as well.  I had my Garmin off during this time so I don't really know my exact mileage other than the 8 displayed at the end.

Instead of going to the gym in the evening as I have been doing, I spent 5 hours walking around the outlet mall with my sister and niece in law AND BABY TUCKER!!!  It was my sisters birthday weekend, and when I was done with my run I had texts for a birthday shopping day so of course that won out!  I felt like I had done a marathon by the time it was all over with!

Did an all over body workout today:  shoulders, back, biceps, triceps and legs.  A few movements for each muscle group

10min stairmill
10min steam
10min sauna

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