Monday, November 24, 2014

Pre Thanksgiving Week


3.1 mile run


2 mile run (treadmill)
50 weighted squats
50 dead(sumo) lifts
15min steam

3 miles (elliptical)
Back, biceps and triceps
1 mile sprint (treadmill)


9.6 miles
Cinco Ranch
Ran with 2 girls from the group, but I paced therefore they ran faster and less intervals than what they are use to.  I warned them. :O)  They only had 7 miles to do so mile 6 and 7 I pushed them to sub 10:30 miles.  Which came back to bite me because I still had 2 miles to do and I was cussing on that last one.  AND it ended up being over 9 miles.  :O)

I was pretty tired from the morning run AND having to do things to prep for Sunday family day AND it was pouring yukky rain so I bailed on an evening workout at the gym.

2 mile run

Zoo day and picnic in the park day with the family so I got in a LOT of active recovery today as well.  We were there for close to 5 hours, obviously a LOT of walking and for me crawling through prairie dog tunnels with the little, so I was BEAT, BEAT, BEAT.

No gym for me!!!

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