Sunday, October 26, 2014

Race Week


Rest day.

This week is going to be a bit out of whack since I have the race on Sunday, I am switching things up; giving myself some extra rest.

2 miles (treadmill)
Back, biceps, and triceps
10min stairmill
10min steam
10min (dry) sauna

Spent the entire run having to pee like crazy.  The route I chose left me absolutely no options for bathroom break.  Ugh.

Rest day
Our team got to spend the day out at Top Golf on the house, so there was a lot of activity, 4+ hours worth.  My legs were quite tired by the end. So not really what I had envisioned for a rest day but whatev.

2 miles
I actually got up 1/2 hour earlier and ran before work!!!  Its a miracle.  But now I think I might do this a couple of times a week; do a couple miles then focus on weights after work.  I just ran there around my complex which was kinda boring, but whatever.  I still had 1/2 hour to sit, relax and have my coffee before showering :)

Rest day before half marathon!

13.1 miles
 Race report to follow

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