Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week in Review

Giving the ol' legs a rest today after putting them through the ringer over the weekend. 
.50 warmup on the elliptical
.50 (elliptical) to finish out an 'easy' day

6 weeks progress.  I'm good with it.  If I could lift more and run less it'd be better but training for races is hindering me.  Couple more months and I can focus more on lifting.

Such a GLORIOUS day today!!!  Fall is definitely in the air this week.  Ran through the hood for an easy 4.  I actually thought I was only going to run 3, but well...it was just too beautiful.

So 4 miles it was.  And not a drop of sweat on me.  No humidity makes me happy!

Gave the legs the day off.  Completely. Not even warmup or a cooldown.  No elliptical.  No stairmill.  Nada.  The cumulative fatigue has my legs not recovering given that I rarely give them any time off other than a true rest day on Fridays.  Even then I am at work, up and down, and that includes a lot of stairs throughout the day. 

Gym: back, biceps and triceps
15min steam

4 miles


Met the work running friends at Terry Hershey at 6am for a change.  Since I didn't have far to go, and lets face it, I'm kinda over that run group, it was nice to go back to TH.  I do love running there.

6 miles
I was a bit worried if I would be able to keep up with them, having been training pretty much solely doing intervals, but I did OK!  I ran the first 3 miles with them straight and since they were doing 10, I had to turn back.  I did the last 3 miles doing 3/1's with one other who was only doing the same distance.  Was so nice to be done in just over an hour!

Early Saturday evening I hit up the gym.

500m warm up on the rower
Shoulders and chest workout
20min on the stairmill

I got distracted by the thought of going to the pumpkin patch with the family early as I saw a post on FB, so I was showered, threw my hair in a ponytail, and was out the door.  It threw off my whole day but I didn't care!  Family!  Tucker!  Pumpkin patch!  Lunch with the fam!  Here are just a couple photos taken; obviously I have like a zillion on my phone.

Well I was going to insert some super cute photos, but blogger be funky and won't let me.  Their on my IG (glitterrunner) so if you follow me there, you know what is missing :O)

It was close to Cowboy game time by the time I got home, watched kickoff then passed out until like 5:30.  Ooops!  Went to the gym close to 7pm, did 4 miles and called it a day.  Cardio only.

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