Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Week Closer to Race Day!!

40min run
15min steam

No lifting due to shoulder/back.  It doesn't hurt anymore but I wanted to give the muscles the extra day of rest.  Lets face it, running doesn't require much muscle (other than your heart), especially there.  And I LOVE it when I have the steam room all to myself.  So much more peaceful and gives me the alone time I sometimes so desperately need.  I am seriously addicted to the hottiest-sweatiest rooms fo sho!

It seems the days that I go in to a workout with lets just do the bare minimum because I don't wanna do ANYTHING, turn out to be my hardest efforts.  Go figure.

1 mile warm up (elliptical)
2500m row (16:15)
Shoulders and chest
Lord have mercy I TORCHED my shoulders this time.  Not that I haven't before, but holy smokes what was I thinking!?!?!?  I did 3x8 then a 4th to failure.  Ouch ouch OUCH!

Finished off with some stability ball plank/pushups (3x10)

Abs (cherry pickers)
Then did a series of over the step hops box (height 12in)
Shown here later in the video
I use a box that is used for box jumps since its higher and I get more out of it.  Keep in mind that the faster you go over and over, the better conditioning you will get. 

Also added in step box top (reverse) lunges (also using the jump box as described above)

For those last 2 things, with the box, its always more fun to me when I have some really fun hip-hop booty shaking muse-ak to get the tempo really high.

My legs were smoked by the time I was done.

4 mile run/walk

I have been battling allergy issues all week (mostly an extremely sore throat to where I pretty much haven't been eating much), and today I was hopped up on meds and felt like I was drinking Chloraseptic all day.  So at the end of the day, I just opted to take a day of nothing.  When the guilt would creep in, I had to keep reminding myself what I have been putting my body through for 2 months now, and that I HAVE to do this more often.
So my workout was laundry, vacuuming and watching TV. :O)

Scheduled rest day

The group run this Saturday was split up to where it was just not convenient for my mileage which was to be 13-15...I don't know...this group and its distances is dumb.  I will be glad to be out of this group once and for all.
One guy had 20 to do, so there was a 9 mile and an 11 mile.  I wasn't about to get there any earlier than 5am, so it was 11 for me to start.  At mile 7 it started pouring rain, so the last 4 miles I was without music, and was soaked to the bone.  Ugh.  I thought I was going to add on at the end but I was over it.  I called it at 11 miles and I would get more in later at the gym.

Around 5pm I headed up to the gym and got in 2 more miles and probably better for me since my legs were tired and stiff from the morning.  Nothing like running on tired legs right!? 
I then hit up the weights for back, biceps and triceps for about an hour

2 weeks to the half marathon!!  Which means an easy (and short) run this coming Saturday!  Probably going to run with friends and NOT the running group.  Blah.

VERY tired tired legs from yesterday...but I wanted to exhaust them as much as possible over the course of the 2 days.
1 mile elliptical
20min stairmill (1.21miles)
Legs, legs, legs and more legs....
15min steam
10min sauna

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