Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Runners Unite with Race Shirt Tuesday (Honoring the Boston Marathon 2013 Tragedy)

As I was going through my race shirts last night, trying to find one that I wanted to wear to work today, I ran across this one from my Kenyan Way familia down in Houston.

It's not a race shirt, but it seemed appropriate.

At some point I will write more, maybe...

And while I might be smiling in that photo this morning, my heart is heavy, but I am oh so thankful that all my friends who were in Boston yesterday either racing or volunteering, I got the final email last night from Coach that all were finally accounted for.  Yes several of them either finished slightly before the first explosion but there were also some that were just coming up Boylston as it happened, but as I said, all are OK.

You cannot and WILL NOT destroy the will of a runner.

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Karen Seal said...

Thank goodness everyone in your group was ok. Such a scary situation. You are right...our will cannot be destroyed!!