Monday, April 22, 2013

Feels Like Such a Long Time (some may recognize the Boston (rock group) reference)...Boston for Boston Right?

Well it certainly has been a stressful 7 days now hasn’t it?

And this morning I was like its only been 7 days?  How is that possible?  Sometimes if feels more like a day or two, but then part of my mind wants to pretend it was months and months ago....

I am still shaken by all of it to be honest; maybe if I would just quit turning on CNN I could start to get past it a bit, but with still so many unanswered questions, and my overly curious mind, it’s proven to be quite difficult for me. I still have a post I want to write about my personal thoughts on the future of me doing Boston…maybe this week I will get to that…


Prior to that, my running after NYC has been ‘normal’. I didn’t really need a recovery week as I didn’t run the half marathon as a race necessarily, but I did experience quite a bit of quad pain from all the downhills the first 6 miles.

I quickly started ramping my ‘long run’ mileage back up after a week so that I could be ready for Colfax in May. We’ve still had incredibly nasty weather: cold, wind and snow at least 1-3 times a week on the snow, so my Saturday runs have still been on the treadmill but the weather looks mighty favorable for a 10 miler outside this coming Saturday and I couldn’t be happier!!

This past weekend, a cut back week, with only 6 miles on the schedule, and a weekend away in Denver, I did my little bitty miles on the treadmill Friday night. Obviously watching the coverage of what would ultimately result in the capture of ‘Suspect #2’. Every treadmill was taken and every person had their televisions tuned into one news station or another. I don’t know about anyone else, but I ran farther and longer than I intended/needed to. I didn’t want to leave to drive home for fear of missing ‘the ending’, whatever that would be. I finally did leave and made it home with time to spare.

On Saturday while in Denver, we hit up the mall and I was shocked when I realized we had been walking in there, carrying LOTS of bags BTW for Six. Long. Hours. Oy. We sat down once to enjoy some much needed and appreciated frozen yogurt! I miss frozen yogurt places!! Among other things I might add…

At one point we did go to the car to drop off packages because besides it getting to be increasingly heavy and hard to carry, it was starting to get in our way of our mission!! Finally after those 6 hours I was ready to check into the hotel, relax and bit, hit a restaurant and a movie.

And Sunday morning after a great nights sleep, we went out for breakfast (Sam’s No. 3!!!) and then more shopping before the long drive back home.

I really needed this weekend getaway; between all the shock of Boston, training, the never-ending Winter…well it’s just gotten to be a bit much. I am struggling right now…being here and it being Winter since October…while I do like cooler/cold weather there is a difference between 40deg and 0deg that kinda is not my bestie…and months and months of snow and wind AND those temperatures?

Yeah, not sure Nebraska is the place for me long-term. I’ll serve what I signed on for, but after that, all bets are off! :O)

I am anxious though to begin official Chicago Marathon training.
While I find motivation to train like I use to in Houston and with Kenyan Way non-existent here, I still love the training overall and the challenge. of the distance just as much as I always have.
I really, really, really miss Kenyan Way.  I am hoping that once I get past Colfax and actually running more than 12 miles for a long run that I will start to get some mojo back; not physical mojo but more in my head type of mojo!  I have been checked out so much for the past few months because of weather....
I wonder, will it come back!?!?!??

Oh and guess who cut her hair again, even shorter?


Zaneta said...

LOVE the hair! Super Duper Cute!! :)

Karen Seal said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend away! Love your new do! :0)