Monday, April 29, 2013

Run Every Day In May!!!

I did this a couple of years back, not last year thats for sure since I was injured...but I am too lazy to go back and actually seen if it was 2011 or maybe 2010...

Anyway, this one is a bit different as it calls for me to get up and run at least twice a week while its still dark out.

Um, I live in Nebraska and during Spring and Summer its light out already by 5:15am.

So while I am NOT going to get up in run at the dark before 5am, I WILL get up twice a week (other than Saturday obviously) to run at least a mile before work.


So a mile (at least) a day every day in May here we go!

Anyone else joining the Facebook group for this?

p.s. 10 miles this past Saturday in glorious, glorious, glorious perfect weather...a bit cool to start (28) but warmed up nicely by the end (42). 

3 weeks to Colfax in Denver!

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Karen Seal said...

I love this challenge but unfortunately cannot particilate...taking it easy for a few weeks for my knee to rest! Have fun!!