Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Know Runners Can Be a Narcissitic and Selfish Bunch...

But not everything is about you.

Jeez already.

If I read one more blog entry or thread on RW, or status' on Facebook...

Take your pick, or take all of them...

I am sorry, I do not get the majority of people out there who for whatever reason think that these 'suspects' were somehow targeting runners.

That they hate runners.

That they hate marathons.

That they hate running.

For the love of God already get over yourselves.

These people don't care who they hurt.  They hate everyone who isn't of their belief system, mainly Americans.

They, like all the rest before them, and those that will come after them (and there will be those that come after them), just pick opportunities for the most 'celebrity', coverage and most importantly, high body count.

Yes I agree that because it was at the end all to be all marathon we runners (or most runners) aspire to at some point, so it felt personal.  It felt personal because we've all had friends and/or family at a finish line waiting for us as we complete what we set out to do time and time and time again.

We all feel the tragedy in our hearts, and in our souls and as runners, as I said, it just felt personal as if they wanted to hurt runners.

Think about it.  As far as I can recall no runners were injured.  It was all spectators.  Those people, not only the ones we know, but aaaaaaaaaaaaall those that we do not know.  They picked that time in any marathon (around the 4 hour mark) where they knew the most people are generally around at the finish line waiting for their loved one(s)...

And as in my case at many a half or full marathon with no friends or family around sometimes, its those spectators that regardless of whether I know them or not, I hear my name called out, or if no name, the color of my shirt, my number or something...anything they can think of to shout out to let me know that I am awesome or that I am almost there ;o)

Sure they picked an event sacred to so many, even those you haven't and may never, run ourselves.
So as Jamoosh pointed out in poignant blog post, the next time you are nearing a finish line, set your ego aside for just a few seconds and stop and thank those people personally.
A few seconds, I don't care who you are, is nothing compared to showing some love to those that don't even know you but stood out there for whatever reason, or no reason at cheer for you and those just like you...

I know I will be doing just that very thing mid-May at Colfax.


Karen Seal said...

You hit the nail on the head! Why on earth people who hate America move here and become citizens is beyond me...blows my mind. You don't like us, stay home! Ok off soapbox now! :0)

Xaarlin said...

LOVE! It's made me sick from day one that people were making those damn kitsch photos with stuff like "you messed with the wrong group." Blah blah blah. Those assholes didnt care they were hurting runners, spectators they wanted chaos and destruction on innocent people. I'm sure some of those people were runners who got injured- my Lwont ever qualify for Boston but supports me at most of my races.

I always thank the volunteers and police (something I started doing back in 2002 at the NYC marathon the year after 9/11). We should thank the spectators too. I can't say how many times the voice of a stranger commenting on my outfit or whatever got me through a dark place in the race. Brilliant post lady :)

Junie B said...

Dont get me wrong, I am all about #bostonstrong #runforboston and all of that. Its just that I am just tired of everyone making it about runners when it HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH RUNNERS!