Monday, May 26, 2014

Time to Get Back on the Horse

Its no secret that for the past 2 years, I've been phoning it in as it pertains to any distance races.  And its also no secret that it was due entirely to my geographical status.  Not only did I mostly have to train on a treadmill, but when I didn't I didnt have the push I needed from so many years of training in a pack. 

While I am a lone runner, its not in the sense of being entirely ALONE.  I am what I call a pack runner, especially when it comes to training.  I got so used to the training with Kenyan Way for so many years, and the push it gave me at the workouts and the long run Saturdays that I lost all motivation up in Nebraska in that sense.  There were a few runners, but nothing like Houston, let alone KW, and they were either too fast for me to even contend with, or social runners which I am not.

I like to conversations over coffee, not running.  Just not my style.

Coupled with the depression that set in this past year there, well yeah.  I was only phoning it in.  

Having said all that, I also didnt have the numerous opportunities to have races to actually be excited about or train for.  The few I did were traveling races and were few and far between.  It wasnt until this past December, ramping up for Houston that I started having a bit of fire in my belly again.

And now that I am back home, the fire has grown.  Its time to do my best again, whatever that may turn out to be.  

Its also no secret that prior to moving to NE that I would NEVER have entertained the notion of doing any races past the Spring series here in Houston due to the heat factor.  However I have to put that behind me for now, and use these little 5K's etc (not that there are many here this time of year) as my ladder to get back into it again.

I did the ABB 5K back in January here the day before the half marathon, but before that, well it had been 2+ years.  I havent run a 5K over 30 minutes since 2009, my PR being 25:50 but typically running around 27:30-28:15 for the most part.  When I ran over 30 in January, that was fine; I wasnt looking to do anything more than just finish so I could run the half the next day, and for the extra medals :)

So when I saw that there was going to be a 5K here this past weekend I signed up for it.  And no, I didnt really 'train' for it meaning I havent started hill or speed training just yet.  I simply want to start doing the races again, to get use to them again, and to get better at them.  Again.

Well it was about a bazillion times hotter this weekend than it was in January and I did it 29seconds faster than in January, so I am more than OK with that.  Still over 30min, but as I said:  Work to do and I am fully aware of that.

I am having to reacclimate to the heat, but mostly the humidity and to the actual running outside all the time thing and not on a stupid treadmill.

I don't have another 5K until July, unless one pops up between now and then.  I am following all the running groups on FB now, so if something does I will know about it.

I am hoping for the weather to cooperate this week so I can go get some hills in, but its not looking so good until Thursday and I have a boot camp/speed training with one of the running clubs scheduled for that night.

After getting back in the habit of racing, we'll focus on either the marathon or half marathon once that starts up in August.

My other focus is dropping the weight, which is going really well.  Slow, but what I am doing is working.  Being back in Houston helps tremendously which I think I mentioned in a post a few days ago.  Just much more active without even thinking about it.

I got the 5K + 1 mile warm up on Saturday
7 miles on Sunday running from a friends house to the bayou, around some of it, then back
This morning I got up and swam 20 laps and pool ran 8 laps (before the rain storms!); then I hit the gym later for some elliptical, a LOT of jump roping and weights focusing on upper body.

I am having some plantar issues, especially on the right foot, so I am icing and frozen water bottle rolling.  Might have to TM it tomorrow, just so its easier on me than pounding the pavement.  Of course what I SHOULD do is lay off running for a few days, but yeah.  Thats not going to happen :)

Till next time!  I have to get back to watching American Ninja Warrior :)

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