Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Can You Expect Now?

Well now that I've finished 10 of these crazy ass 26.2 milers...
And sworn that I was done...
What's next?

Well hopefully a lot of half marathons and some 10 milers too.

The 10 mile races seem to becoming more and more popular which is kinda cool!

I've done 2, maybe 3?  I know my PR at that distance is 1:38ish which was done gosh, I cannot remember!  Maybe 2010?  Anyway...I know I can beat that time...

And well, I've decided to not yet give up on the sub 2 half marathon.  My PR at the half is 2:06:xx and that was in 2011 I think...maybe 2010.  I know it was up near Dallas and it was awesome.

I have a couple of half's coming up: one in early December (hopefully; weather permitting) and then Houston in mid-January.  Now neither of those are on my radar to even come close to the 2:06, but the Houston one I will definitely hope to be at least in a specific range, again, weather will be a big factor.  With the new course there, void of all 'hills' it should prove to give me a good indicator of where I am.  That's 3 months away...

Actually there are a couple of goals I have for Houston; more on that maybe in another post.

I am going to be a little less generous here on the blog about upcoming races (names, places, distances, etc), training and goals for personal and private reasons, but I will still blog about those things, only just in much less in depth as I have been with over the past few years.

I think amongst everything, my training is going to be the most changed drastically, along with my nutrition.  A lot more seriousness on speed training, hill and tempo.  And the biggest change is incorporating a lot of strength training back into my routine a la 2009/2010.

After Houston, I have a couple of more races planned up around this area.  After that, I am not sure simply because my hope is that I can return to Houston.  Or at the very least Texas.  So for a few months I probably won't plan anything unless its really close by and requires little to no effort other than just the running part.

Yeah, its time for me to go home  HOME SWEET HOME ...Just a little bit longer here and that can become a reality.

Fingers crossed.

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TX Runner Mom said...

Hooray for coming back to Texas! :-) I also want to incorporate more strength training next year after Disney. I was really hitting it hard towards the end of last year and early this year, but it has been impossible to follow my 70.3 training schedule AND squeeze in the strength training. I miss it! I am feeling too "soft", lol!