Sunday, October 20, 2013

Post Chicago Workouts (and I Know I Owe a Race Report)

Walked, and walked, and walked.  Magnificent Mile in Chicago for lots of shopping!  Oh Michael Kors how I love ya!
Lots more walking and making the day long trip home.
Worst part about living where I live.
Its a challenge to travel to and fro anywhere.  But I was happy to be home if in fact they were making me leave Chicago.
35 min on the treadmill; walking of course
Row - 1300m
Some walking of laps around the indoor track
100 Weighted ball sit ups
1 hour Step class
Oh how I have missed Step class!  They started the class back up early September but I didn't want to interupt my running schedule or risk soreness, so I didn't return until this week.
I just love Step class!
Just about 6 miles on the treadmill; still staying off the pavement this week
LOTS of weighted sit ups, push ups using stability ball and planks

Felt SO good to run again!  Legs feel great!
2 hours at the gym

1 mile warm up on the elliptical
2000m row
Weights: back, bi's and tri's
In between sets I either did 25 fast jj's, or sprinted around the track OR in some cases before doing the sprint or the jj's, I would do a 2nd set of some sort of alternating weight movement.
So many crunches
Cooled down with 2 miles on the elliptical


I have a couple of blog posts I have to write, obviously the race report and a couple of others with thoughts on a few things from Chicago and for going forward.

I learned a lot about myself in Chicago
1) I am still highly competitive
2) One should ALWAYS run their OWN race
3) I'm not quite done yet with achieving some goals I thought I couldn't achieve, but now know I am NOT ready to just lay down and let those go...

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