Friday, May 31, 2013

Things I'm Loving Right Now - Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

For a couple of years now, I go from 5pm Friday to 7am Monday without make-up. I hate, hate, hate wearing it.

I remember for so many years you wouldn't catch me dead out in public without it.  Cue low self esteem.

Then as I got older and started caring less and less what others thought, coupled with the fact of how many compliments I got on my skin when I wasn't wearing it, and especially after not wearing it even for just a couple of days, I started wishing I had the nerve to just go without make-up every day, even to work.

Oh the horror!  :O)

A few times I tried those tinted moisturizers when they would come out, but I just could never get over the lack of full coverage that I felt like I had to have to look 'good' or 'professional'.

So I just always went back to regular, horrible foundation.

That when you get the least bit of color other than 'winter white', your foundation on your face just looks like a mask.  No matter how hard I try if I got a darker shade it still looked awful.

So last week on our trip to Cheyenne I mentioned to E that I was wanting to give another 'tinted moisturizer' a try because I hate wearing make-up foundation.  I want a more natural look because not only do other people think I look good with a 'naked' face, I kinda like my face that way too!!

Ah...the freedom of getting older and loving yourself; your true self!!!

So she told me about the BB Cream and showed me the brand she liked:  Maybelline.  So I figured why not!?

I was off work until Wednesday, but I've worn it now 3 days in row to work and I love love love it!  It looks completely natural on me; just kinda evens out my skin tone, and the shades are made to blend in with your natural color and taking on that color so that there are no lines or looking fake whatsoever!


Plus it has SPF in it as well.  And as hard as I try, its hard to avoid getting color on my face since I am outside so much, and honestly this year I am allowing a bit more than I have in past Summers, but its solely for the reason that I like not wearing makeup and a little natural color from the sun acts as my make up for the most part.

A little blush, powder, mascara and gloss and I am ready to go!!!

I would use the phrase 'Easy breezy' but that's for another brand :O), and Maybelline has a hit on their hands as far as I am concerned.

Do you wear more or less make up in Spring and Summer?  The same?  Never wear make-up?  Tinted moisturizers, yay or nay?

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Mel said...

tinted moisturizer is all I wear 99% of the time and I only wear makeup on the weekends if I am going out.

I wore none this weekend. I took my parents to dinner but I didnt care, lol.

I've been wearing the Garnier BB cream for about a year. My skin needs more coverage but I don't care most of the time