Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obsession #3 - Getting to the Start

Its very confusing.

Your bib has like 3 or 4 colors...can't remember now...but each color of whatever, floating background etc...indicates different things. Wave, Corral, etc...Just crazy. Its all very confusing to me.

The race starts at 10 (10:20 for me). I have to get on a bus at 5:30. And since I am staying in Queens, and don't have a CLUE (yet) on how to get from Queens to the NYC Public Library by 5:15...I know I have to take the subway...and my niece will go with me, I am still freaked out about it. Then once I get to Staten Island (not sure how long a bus ride it is), I know its like 15+ miles away? Again, I have no clue...I just know from Queens to the Start is 15 miles and I am guessing maybe a couple more from the NYCPL.

Anyway, the logistics of it all is just mind boggling and stressing me out. I guess with all the extra time its a good thing so that I can find my way to where I am actually supposed to be with plenty of time to spare. Which means I have plenty of time to just sit and wait. And sit and wait. And sit and wait. *sigh* And then I can sit and wait some more.

As of today its going to be about 40 that morning with a high of 51 and sunny. I guess thats not too bad to have to sit around in...Of course its 6 days out. Lots of time for that to change.

I know I need a new pair of running sunglasses since the lens fell out of my old ones.


My carry on is packed. Why is it packed? And what is in it? Well first off its packed because it basically has all my race day stuff in it. And alternatives depending on weather changes. Gels, knee bands, shorts, shirts, running tops, Nike capris and a long sleeve UA in case its going to be colder than 40's (for the majority of the race) clean and shiny, socks....THE RIGHT name it...if its something for race day its in there...oh and my official card so that I can get my bib and my chip....and the handbook....

They can lose my big suitcase, but no way in heck am I letting that carry on out of my sight even for one minute.


I ran the 2 miles to the Houston Half this morning and cheered on for a while. Then I just got kinda bummed out watching everyone run and I wasn't able to...and decided just to go on and run the 2 miles back home.

Of course, Coach won. In like something crazy of course, but when you run 5 minute miles, well, the times are just crazy to me...He won the Pumpkin Run 5K yesterday too, and ran it 'slow' (17:04) that he could have the extra oomph for today...

Seriously, he just rocks.


L*I*S*A said...

Oooo, NYC is getting closer and closer!!

Lisa said...

Once you get there, you'll relax a little. You will get there just fine and in plenty of time. Get plenty of sleep the last few days leading up because that's the rest that will get you through.

I cannot wait to hear how it goes for you.

TX Runner Mom said...

I think we left the NYC public library around 6 am, so we didn't have to wait quite as long. BTW, the bathroom lines are insane, so try to go early!!! You are gonna have so much fun...don't forget to have fun!

JenZen said...

OMG! I'm getting soooo excited for you!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

That would be totally hard though to watch other runners, not being able to participate.