Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obsession # 2 - The Weather

Ah well, you knew that was going to be one of them, but yet its low on my obsession totem pole. has 15 day out forecasts for cities. This sucks you know? With 8 days to go I know it will change time and time and time again.

Its gone from rainy, to snow, to mostly cloudy. Back and forth. Back and forth. And the temps have done pretty much the same, going from extremely cold for start and finish, to mediocre for both, to cold for start and mediocre for finish.

Personally if the Start and Finish were in the 40's that would make me very happy.

Clothing is not an obsession as really there are only two options: 1) shorts and a short sleeve shirt with break away (Kenyan Way) sleeves, or Nike capris (for temps in the 40's the whole way) with an UA cold weather top (long sleeve). My sister will have a bag with her with other options should I need them, or need to discard anything as well along the way. Taking off and adding on is in my plan.

All I know is that it needs to be cold that day. And when I say cold, I mean like I said, 40-49 would be my idea of perfect. Anything over 55 at the last 6-8 miles and I am gonna be pissed :o)

Well all I can do is just keep checking. Although I will say I've been good at only looking once a day. :o)

OK, off to do 4 miles.


JenZen said...

I totally hear ya!! I hoping, to hope and praying to sweet little teeny, tiny baby Jesus that the weather in San Antonio will be in the mid 50s or below.

Break away sleeves??? What's that??

Lisa said...

I agree....40-50 degrees the entire way is ideal for me, too.

I started a Dec 8th marathon last year in Huntsville, Alabama at 8am, 65 degrees and 95% humidity. I wanted to cry!

Tiggs said...

last year it was cold then warmed up and then got cold again...and I gave up my long sleeved shirt on the course during the warm part and regretted it big time later....just FYI for your planning purposes...

Junie B said...

break away = arm warmers

I really HEART my Nike ones that have the KW logo and runner on them!!

Junie B said...

Everyone: Well if the NYC started at 7am like normal marathons it wouldnt be an issue really...but since I prolly wont start till close to 11...ugh...

Right now the high is at 59. SUCKS!!!