Monday, February 17, 2014

Do You Believe in Love After Love?

I know.  I know.
I don't know how many people actually still read this over and above those that find their way here via search engine...
But I will say that I DO HAVE at least half of my 2nd half of my Houston marathon/half marathon/5K weekend blog post thingee written...I'll finish it, I promise!
Honestly the blog and how I approach it are how I approach most of lifes events now...with the fact that life is AMAZING...and God how boring was I when all I had to write about was running?  Or that I thought running was everything? (not that I'm not still running because...duh!)
I do remember why actually...what a sad time in my life then.  When I finally peeled back the layers of why I did so many things that I did and thought I had to do...Sad indeed.  And I am so thankful for realizing, even if it was after a couple years of unhappiness, that my life was worth more than the disrespect of someone I held dear for whatever reason.
Anyway as I was is so unpredictable...explosions of happiness abound these days I tell ya.  My heart explodes every single day at the joy that a baby can bring!  The feelings are so overwhelming I feel like I'm going to burst sometimes.
Not only do we have a bundle of joy in our lives now, but there is just so, so, so much more.
I'm excited to document it, its just going to take some time. 
Even after the bundle of joy came on February 11th, life didnt stop there at being surprising.
Now I am in a state of wonder...that things that were meant to be, actually might be meant to be!!!
We'll just hashtag this 'SecondChances'
Or 'LoveTheSecondTimeAround' #QuestionMark  #GetMeHomeToTexas  ;o)

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