Friday, February 21, 2014

Aramco Houston Half Marathon - January 19, 2014

I'm such a bad, lazy blogger.  :O)
I know my readership has gone WAY down and I'm OK with that, but sometimes when I think I just want to make this little space on the internet, go dark, I think, well I do like keeping track of certain things in my life, just not as much as I use to ;o)
And clearly I don't really think I'm lazy, just lazy about blogging.  I mean why blog when there are so many other things better to be doing; and at the end of the day, something gets written, just not always in a timely fashion.
So let's back up a bit...
I arrived in Houston Friday around noon, got my rent car, found a BofA to get money for free for a change ;o), then made my way downtown to meet up with a few at the Expo.
Got there, got my packets for both races, walked around with C, saw some friends...then I realized, hmpft I havent eaten anything but a banana since getting up at 5am in Denver.  Nice.
So I grab a sandwich, eat the insides before heading to LaPorte.  Felt a bit better but clearly fueling and resting were not only going to be important on Friday, they wouldn't be important on Saturday either ;o)
N and I did go have a nice dinner, where I did eat some bread, shared crabcakes for an appetizer then had shrimp and grits as an entree.
It was delicious.
After the 5K on Saturday, after a couple of hours I did eat 2 breakfast tacos.
Then the next thing I know, its almost 6pm and I havent eaten anything BUT those 2 tacos.  ALL. DAY. 
I had driven out to BFE to see my nieces new house, Lord its massive and absolutely stunning.  I mean, Jesus I was in total shock.  But she works hard for all that damn money, and you can't take it with you.  :O)
So needless to say, after getting back to LaPorte late, we just grilled, I ate a small piece of chicken and some grilled veggies, and 1/2 a cupcake.
And while I made myself go to bed somewhat early to be up at 4am, I didnt sleep much because I kept waking up every hour .. totally normal for me night before a race.  Plus in a not my house etc, I dont always sleep well so again, I'm sorta use to it when I travel.
Off I went, stopped for coffee from a gross 7-11 (blech!), went N instead of W on 610 which freaked me out but was only a bit longer of a drive.  Made my way downtown and found a $10 lot just a few blocks away.  AND brand new clean porta potties (this was all right next to Minute Maid)
Got inside, found some folks, including a coworker here from Sidney.  Amazing considering his phone he forgot in his room.  He is trying to 1/2 marathon in all States.
Weather was just about perfect.  45ish?  Can't remember.  I do remember how INCREDIBLY FOGGY and muggy it seemed, but by the time it was race start it had burned off and we had nice clear blue skies.
I found it HYSTERICAL at everyone around me in tights, long sleeves etc...I was in my shorts and no sleeves.  Lovely, just lovely!!
BTW, I'm gonna get a bit quick here just so I can finish this out.
I'm kinda over detailing it all out at this point :)
  • GREAT GREAT GREAT NEW COURSE!  I just absolutely LOVED IT!!!
  • For the half route, I would say that 90% of it is in the shade; only do I remember the sun baking me in the short distance between Waugh and DT as you come up Allen Parkway.  Had I been faster, it wouldnt have mattered much even
  • Saw some great and familiar friends spread out along the route, including in the corral I was in (some KW friends) which just was that much greater!
  • Family and friends around mile 10
  • Just took my time, enjoying being in Houston again!  Running in Houston again!  Running with myself, but yet seeing people I knew was so much fun!
  • Garmin time: 2:24:xx

I absolutely loved doing the double and will continue to do so!  Might try and do them a bit differently next year, not sure though. It was fun just running, and not being competitive except I do always have my 'not go over this #' goal(s).
I doubt I ever return to that runner girl that felt the pressure to get faster, and be deflated when I dont perform up to the standards I use to put on myself, which were really what I thought would make someone else proud of me.
Gah.  So glad killed and buried that old June.

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