Monday, March 11, 2013

These Vagabond Shoes...

...are longing to stray...

Well it's almost that time.

Time for a little bit of New York!  New York!

I did my last 'long' run on Saturday which was 8 miles.

When I got up to check outside to see if the snow had arrived, it had not, and the wind didn't seem to be blowing that hard.  Yet.

But within the hour of me just waking up and enjoying my cup of coffee, the snow had started and the wind had kicked up something fierce.

The storm was on its way.

So I resigned myself to yet another Saturday run on the treadmill.

I just turned on the tunes and started cranking them out.

Nothing exciting, just a run.

I took yesterday off instead of going to the gym for a workout as it was snowing again, and it just seemed more like a stay in day and give the body its rest.

Today, while cloudy, no snow, but still quite windy.  And COLD.  Blah.

5 miles done with some rowing and a hard ab workout.

Tomorrow I will do 4 miles, take Wednesday off since I will be traveling to NYC.  Thursday will be 3 miles in Central Park.

Friday I will do 2 miles in Central Park, then take Saturday off and Sunday is race day.  Or rather this time around 'run' day.

I will write another post before I leave with my intentions for Sunday.

And wouldn't you know it, while I am gone the weather here is supposed to warm up to SEVENTY DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!??!

Oh well, I know Spring is on its way...just a little bit longer...  :)


Xaarlin said...

YAY! I hope you have a wonderful time in NYC!!!

Karen Seal said...

Yes, spring is definitely on the way! Hope you have a great time in NY and an awesome race!! :0)