Monday, March 18, 2013

NYC Half Marathon - 2013

As mentioned before, I knew quite late about my entry through the lottery and without a decent running base, I had a few choices. I could just run to run, or I could run it as best I could to see how much I could push it knowing full well there was no chance in hell that I would come close to a PR (currently sitting at 2:02:xx. I figured I would just run it as a long training run...

Until I found out my friend Jaime was also going to do it with Runwell, a wonderful charity (kinda last minute decision for her) of which she has been running for recently as she prepares for the 155mile, 7 day time limit of running Iceland!!!!

When I found out she was doing NYC as well I asked her if she was going for a PR or just as another training run. She planned that just to run but if she got a PR that would be a bonus. So then I asked for her PR and knew then what I wanted to do.

I would run with her and try to get her a PR.

Jaime is a slower pace than I and generally run/walks. I knew even with run/walks I could help lower her mile pace if she didn't mind being uncomfortable sometimes. :)

I will post another entry about the race itself, the course and what-not, but for now, she got a PR.  My work was done :)

Probably could have gotten a bigger one had we not talked the whole time for the first 11 miles, plus stopping twice to hug our family members...blah blah blah.

When we were in the corral we both told each other how we don't talk when running.  Well that was BS!  We talked and talked and talked!  It was the most fun of a half marathon that I have ever had!  Oh I guess I should mention we had never met before this trip!  We both knew someone, and became FB friends, then when she decided to train for her first marathon (Chicago 2012), I helped her out a bit through messaging.

We are like 2 peas in a pod!!  It was so awesome to throw my own competitive nature out the window for a change, plus it made it easier for me to just focus on having a good time and not going cuckoo about my lack of training for a faster time.

Here we are in the lobby of the hotel before heading to Central Park for the start of the race

 OK that's all for now.  I'm exhausted but back in Nebraska!!


Karen Seal said...

Awesome!! So glad you had a great time and enjoyed yourself (it's always nice to run with a friend)! :0)

Mel said...

glad ya'll had such a good time!