Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Queens, Mile 14

In Queens, Mile 14; attempting to put another PG in my belt

Random photo, no idea at what point but if you notice in the background there is a Texas Flag...

Not sure where, but my niece wanted a picture of all the cups at a water stop

I have no idea where this was taken, actually I see the street sign says Vernon, so that is in Queens as well

In Starbucks

In the ice bath, omg it was COOOOOOOOOOLD!

Friday: Nacole, my sister and me waiting for the 7 train in Queens to go into Manhattan

These are just the ones she sent me, she didnt send any others. I on the other hand have a ton from just around NYC, and again...I will upload them either today or tomorrow on a public photo sharing site.


Jess said...

The pics look good!

TX Runner Mom said...

Awesome pics! Oh, and I love your hair...I think it's the 1st time I've seen it!

JenZen said...

Look at you GO!!!! That's so awesome! AND you had great hair the whole time!

ryc: Thanks so much for the suggestions! I may do that - take a Tylenol PM on Friday just to make sure I get a good nights rest. Usually I sleep like poo before a half. I'm going to be so nervous before THIS one.

Lisa said...

How does one not have messy hair in a marathon? What's the secret? :P

You look fabulous!

Leslie T Travis said...

Forget your hair...look at all that WATER!
Yeah, June. Did they get your name spelled right?

Evan Guy said...

Great pics! I really like the last one with that huge smile! YEAH!