Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did Ya Miss Me?

OK, so I am finally home!

I have a ton of stuff to get to but figured I would post the "small stuff"...all the stuff other than the marathon...that will come later...

  • Arrive in NYC around 3:30pm
  • Drop off bags at hotel
  • Look at subway map to get to Expo
  • Get to Manhattan
  • Walk A LONG way to Expo
  • Get stuff
  • Walk around expo
  • Ate
  • Back to hotel
  • Wait for niece and girlfriend to arrive at 11am
  • Head to Manhattan
  • Walk around some
  • Go in bar
  • Have Blue Moon
  • Go to tour bus
  • 5 hour tour (we went anywhere and everywhere you can possibly imagine; able to get off at key spots i.e. Ground Zero, Wall Street, Strawberry Fields, Staten Island Ferry to drift by Statue of Liberty, etc)
  • Get off bus, take subway to Little Italy
  • Eat so much pasta I think I might hurl
  • Hotel
  • Wake up
  • Go eat breakfast
  • Make my roommates leave me alone in hotel room for 5 hours so I can rest and map out race day strategy for subway lines and transfers for them to get to various miles along the race to see me
  • Rent a driver to DRIVE us to Manhattan
  • Find a place to eat (light dinner for me)
  • GO SEE WICKED!!! omg! It. Was. Amazing.
  • Intermission
  • Fall down stairs
  • Yes I fell down the stairs
  • All is ok
  • Hotel and in bed by 11pm

  • We'll come back to this in other posts

  • Get up
  • Slowly
  • Take subway to Manhattan
  • Go to Marathon Store
  • Drop some coin
  • Made part of Mass at St. Patricks Cathedral
  • WALKED AROUND MANHATTAN SHOPPING (5th Ave, Diamond District, Bloomingdales, etc)
  • And no we didn't cab it or subway it till time to head back to Queens
  • Go eat at FABULOUS Thai/Indian (fusion) restaurant
  • Fall into bed

  • Home
  • Sweet
  • Home


dixie :o) said...

i am on the EDGE of my seat!!! (but will be patient ;o)

Kendall said...

YAY! I can't wait to hear about the Marathon June!


Us Galley folks are sure proud of you!

TX Runner Mom said...

Sounds like a great trip.

Lisa said...

I loved that five hour tour. I want to see your pictures.