Saturday, March 22, 2008

Resurrection Run - Clear Lake - 29:47 (PR)

Of course, as usual, I was apprehensive this morning before the run. Of course the 29:30 was my goal, but really just another sub-30 and I would have been fine, even 29:59 and I would have been happy.

Now that I have that first sub-30 I don't want to go back ya know?

This was another non-chip timed event, and with so few people there, it was easy to just be up front and go without worrying about getting in anyones way.

I won't go into a mile by mile synopsis, other than the fact that at the first 1/2 mile I was at 4:06 and I was like oh hells bells. Then somewhere towards the end of mile 3 I was at something like 27:30 and I knew I had it, unless I just fell apart. I did a bit, but held on for yet another 5K PR. It was only 5 seconds off the Conoco Rodeo Run (29:52), but another PR just the same.

I had a couple of other goals, which I did indeed hit, so overall I am very pleased with today's race. I hate that hairpin turn at the end, and of course as you can see, my watch shows 3.22, which a couple of other people also said they ended up with 3.2 but you know, its all relative I guess.

Here are the splits:

Mile 1: 8:55
Mile 2: 9:34
Mile 3: 9:27
and because somehow I jacked my Garmin to where it shows speed now, instead of pace, I only know that the last bit was covered at a 7.5 mph pace. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I wanted to just try and go faster the first mile, and the one mistake I made in the 3rd mile, was to go faster the first 800m instead of the last. Well, maybe not a mistake, as my intent was to put some more room in between myself and a couple of other runners that I knew were behind me ;o)

I am pretty excited about this: 4th in my age group...94th overall...and 26th overall female, as it stands now. But given what I said below, that would put me really at 91st overall and 25th female if OTR corrects the results page.

I have 2 weeks before Bellaire, where hopefully the 29:30 or better will surface. I am more than likely going to skip Law Week 8K, and run long with Kenyan instead and work on my speed and losing these last 4 lbs in prep for Bellaire.


p.s. Only a 1/2 mile warm up and a mile cool down in addition to the race itself today. Also the results site shows me at 30 flat, but what happened was that after crossing the finish, I stopped and 3 people went in front of me and had their tags pulled before me. Even after both Sam and I told the guy that, he didn't correct the slips, but hopefully an email to OTR will correct that.


The Running Knitter said...

Congrats on your PR!

Sam said...

Way to go on another PR. You were strong to the finish. Keep up the great work, and it will continue to pay off. said...

You looked like you were out for a jog and not even exerting yourself. :)

Fantastic for you and congratulations!

Sarah said...

Congrats again on the PR! Good to see you out there -- even if I was just looking at your back the whole race. ;)

Priscilla said...

Good to see you today and congrats you did great!!

Lisa said...

Congrats on another PR!

equarles said...

congrats on the PR.

leslie said...

Rock on, June! This is great news! And, if I remember correctly from earlier posts, today you can finally celebrate with something sweet!

Margo said...

Excellent job!!!

Steve Bezner said...

Congrats! PR after PR after PR!

Keep the streak going in Bellaire!

Ali said...

Great run June, congrats on the PR!